Adorable Kidz

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We are reviewing more amazing products by Adorable Kidz this week. It is a Tickle Set which is one of their extremely popular creations. The Tickle Sets are made up of a cuddly non-looped tag blankie and a soft cube or ball with matching detachable and adjustable Snappy Straps. (Our set came with a cube.) These cubes and balls contain a small bell inside which gives a soft sound when being played with.

‘I loved everything about this tickle set, especially the non-looped tag blankie! My son would (and still does) feels, plays and sniffs this adorable blankie. He would play with the tags by splitting them and grabbing both separately. He would relax in his cot with this blankie until he fell asleep. I never had to worry about his little fingers being caught and twisted in loops of the blankie as it is a non-looped tag blankie; an absolute wonderful idea in my opinion. I found the soft cube a great item to have while my son was in the pram as it kept him busy. He seems to like splitting the tags and rattling the bell inside, so cute. Also, with these non-looped tag products by Adorable Kidz, you don’t have to worry about the ends fraying as every individual tag  is sealed off to perfection.’

Both the cube and the blankie have a clip and as the set does come with the matching Snappy Straps you can take these products out with you and your little one and never have to worry about losing either product. The Snappy Straps are another great creative design by Adorable Kidz. One end of the Snappy Strap can be attached to you little ones’ arm or the pram etc, while the other end is clipped to the blankie and/or the cube. When the cube or blankie is not in use, you can still use the Snappy Strap for holding your child’s other favourite toys or dummy.

‘These products are absolutely fantastic quality, everything stitched to perfection. You can tell a lot of thought and ‘love’ has gone into these handmade products by Adorable Kidz. I loved the matching yet different monkey prints, (my son loved stroking the minky fabric side), and the extra time it would take to cut and seal the ends of the ribbon, well, it just shows you the effort and commitment put into the Adorable Kidz products.

The non-looped tag blankie became a favourite to my son; day and night it is with him and thank goodness for the clever Snappy Straps because this blankie should never get lost!’

Adorable Kidz have a huge range of great products on their website so be sure to check them out. We would also suggest you join their Facebook pages, ‘Adorable Kidz’, a page that sometimes holds auctions for products, and also, ‘The Original Snappy Straps’, designed so you wont lose your childs much loved dummy or toys.

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