Anyce Luxury Natural Candle

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We received a natural soy candle to review this week and it wasn’t easy to choose the one person who was going to review it! Candles are popular in our circle and this one in particular got the competitive juices flowing. The candle was sent from Anyce, a Sydney based company located at Watson’s Bay.

Anyce is an all Australian company that produces a range of soy candles that are available online and can be purchased for individuals, weddings, parties, spas, conferences and any excuse really! They say they are well suited to the health and wellbeing industry including Day Spas, Health and Wellbeing Centres, Yoga/Pilates Centres, Retreats/Resorts and they are right. Once you try these candles you’ll understand how they can evoke a mood and give you a real sense of balance.

Anyce say,  “This is a truly sensory journey. Our range of all natural and organic candles and their aroma-therapeutic treatments are specially formulated to compliment the mood it promotes.

The highest possible amount of pure, essential oil synergies have been added to the candles and this will be noticeable as soon as you pick up the candle, let alone burn it. These are powerful holistic treatments.”

When I removed the Anyce candle from its box it’s smell really impressed me, very strong, a gorgeous scent of a mixture of essential oils. The candle itself was very large and the three wicks were great for burning. I got to review the ‘Excitement’ scent and it was uplifting and dare I say it, exciting! I burnt the candle while I was working on the computer and it lifted my mood without question.

Once I lit the candle it’s scent wasn’t as strong as I thought it was going to be, but instead it slowly filled the room with an aroma that was apparent but not overwhelming, very beautiful and fresh.

The candle burnt clean, without any sooty smoke and it also burnt evenly, which is something that I do look for in a candle. Overall I couldn’t fault anything about this candle. The size is generous, the scent is perfect, it burns well and slowly and it looks great!”

Anyce is an Australian company that hand make their candles and only use the highest grade 100% soy wax from environmentally sustainable sources, and only lead free cotton wicks. So you know they are the best you can get.

Believe me they haven’t skimped on anything to do with the quality and environmental considerations of candle making.

The next day after I’d burnt the candle I could still smell the beautiful aroma in my study. So just having the candle in the room was enough to fill the room with a beautiful scent.  I can’t wait to light it again this afternoon and get to work on the computer! Somehow it made a difference to my attitude to working so I’ll definitely be using it again and again, at least until I get all this work done! I can highly recommend buying a candle from Anyce. If you have someone special you’d like to buy for then consider trying Anyce, Christmas is just around the corner so maybe….

You can find Anyce online here where you can purchase these beautiful candles.

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