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This week we bring to you an amazing baby product – Baby Shusher ‘The Sleep Miracle’

(I bet the words ‘sleep miracle’ got you interested!)

Baby Shusher is like a little speaker which almost continuously releases rhythmic shushing noises. This product is primarily designed for babies from 0-6 months and is best to be introduced with your regular bedtime routine until your baby becomes familiar with the shushing.


We all found this to be a really interesting product when it came into the office and unanimously agreed we would have used this product when our children were babies, anything that helps get them to sleep is good in our book. 🙂 We did forward the Baby Shusher onto one of our reviewers whom we knew would really appreciate the trial…..

I had the pleasure of reviewing Baby Shusher ‘The Sleep Miracle’ on our 7 week old baby boy and ultimately I thought it was a great tool to help soothe and gently help {any} baby drift off to sleep. Here is my personal review and photos of the Baby Shusher in use.

I used Baby Shusher as a night tool as my bub puts himself to sleep during the day and doesn’t need any help, however, at night it is a different story. Baby Shusher came at the right time as we are starting a routine of putting baby to bed at 7pm and sometimes he’s not too impressed with this arrangement. Baby Shusher has two setting options, you can have the Baby Shusher going for 15 minutes or 30 minutes and at the bottom of the Baby Shusher there is a volume control all which is easy to use, no fiddling in the dark.

Now I was quite taken aback at how loud it could go, however after reading the user guide (sent out with the Baby Shusher) it was explained that babies are use to the loudness around them from being in utero. I didn’t have it set at the highest level of volume for my bub as he didn’t need it that loud but all babies are different and you just do what is best for your own baby, gradually I turned it down as bub calmed down. My bub likes to be rocked in the bassinet at the same time, so when we use the Baby Shusher he’s still being soothed the way he likes to be. This is also stated on the website and user guide; that it is good to use the Baby Shusher alongside your personal way of calming your baby down. I found that even when bub didn’t need to be settled I will put the Baby Shusher on just to relax him that little bit more when he’s lying in his bassinet. Our bub probably took around 2 minutes to listen and calm down using the Baby Shusher, however every baby is different and that’s why there are two settings for the length of shushing. Baby Shusher is small enough to be put in your bag, used in the car, stroller, cot, pretty much anywhere really!

In all, I do think the Baby Shusher worked very well for my little man and I definitely think it help speed up our ‘feed and sleep’ time at 4am. I thought this was a very clever device and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!


On their website – – there is a very informative page that will answer your specific questions and in their SHOP there are a few extra products that look to be just as interesting as the Baby Shusher.

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