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BabyButton are all quality handmade baby items.

We are reviewing a gorgeous BabyButton Breastfeeding Cover this week; however BabyButton sell more than just breastfeeding covers; there are also bibs, blankets and burp cloths and they are all made with beautiful fabrics. Our specific review product would be suitable for either a boy or a girl as it pictures cute little ducks wearing capes in unisex colours. Too Cute! It would make a great gift for someone who isn’t finding out the gender of their baby.

We love that these are made (with love) in Australia too!

‘I felt that BabyButton has just done that little bit extra to make their breastfeeding covers better than that of the competition. I say this because I feel there has been much thought put into what the consumer would want in a really practical and comfortable breastfeeding cover. It is a great width; suitable for all sized Mum’s and babies plus I think of you were still breastfeeding your child at 18 months to 2 years the breastfeeding cover would still be suitable. I absolutely love the stiff open-neck design. It meant that I could still see my bub feeding. I love watching my newborn drift off to sleep so I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that while he was under the breastfeeding cover. Once bub was asleep I did find it easy to remove the breastfeeding cover. I was a little concerned it would be awkward or even wake my little one up during the transition from my chest to his bed but with the easy buckle I was able to unbuckle with just a few fingers. Brilliant!’

 Breastfeeding covers are great for more than just ‘covering up’ during feeding. Here is some more reason why you should consider getting a breastfeeding cover for you and your baby.

  • It is a great way to help block-out distractions while feeding
  • Can offer a sense of protection to baby by keeping them secured, warm and comforted
  • Can give Mum a bit more privacy while still feeding baby whenever and wherever they want.

On top of the impressive size and great choice in buckle, BabyButton has also designed this breastfeeding cover to have a neck adjustment slider, this can give you added length should you require it plus once you set it you won’t have to move it again. The stiff neck design not only allows you to see your baby but also offers good ventilation long with the lightweight fabric BabyButton has chosen therefore your little one won’t overheat or feel too confined.  Also, because the breastfeeding cover was designed with a lightweight fabric, it was easy to fit into the nappy bag or even my handbag when folded neatly.

Finally, the attention to detail; BabyButton must have some very good quality control procedure in place because the breastfeeding cover we received did not have a stitch out of place! Pop over to BabyButton’s gorgeous user friendly website, you will be glad you did.

 BabyButton is on Facebook and Twitter.


*All cover prices include Registered Post and items are shipped within 3 business days.

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