Balance Buddy

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We received an awesome product to review this week – Balance Buddy sent in their Busy Bee Balance Bike. This yellow and black balance bike was the ideal product from my toddler to review as he is two years old and definitely can use help with his co-ordination skills.

A balance bike is essentially a bicycle without peddles {and therefore without brakes}. The purpose of this is for the child to learn the skills of steering and balance independently to the skills of peddling, brakes and tilting of training wheels.  To begin learning these attributes of steering and balance at such a young age will only help them in the future years. Their co-ordination skills and self confidence will blossom with the use of the Balance Buddy bike.

To assemble the balance bike was quite simple as it had clear instructions on how to put it all together. There are minimal pieces so the process was quick and easy. (My husband did the assembling as per the video.) As you can see in the video, the balance bike is quite light in weight,  in fact only 3.5kgs, and it is made from non toxic plastic. Since this item is made from plastic there will be no rust or rot and it has been engineered for high impact use, meaning it will last many years.

The balance bike has 3 position adjusting holes for the seat height, as well as 2 adjustable positions for the handle bars. The balance bike will suit your child’s height now and as they grow in the future months and years as the balance bike is suitable for ages 2 years to 5 years.

The look of the completed bike is very ‘cool’. I have no doubt all children will like the bright colours of the balance bike. It comes is three cool colour designs – Yellow & Black, Red & White and Green & White.

image2 (5)

Our little one could not wait to get on the Balance Buddy bike. At first he was standing and walking the bike between his legs but within a minute or two he was sitting and push the bike along. On day two, after building a little more confidence, he was lifting his feet a little and gliding along; he’s only 2! I will admit, I am really surprise at how quickly he learnt to balance the bike and built a little bit of core strength to hold it up right while gliding around. Trust me, we did have a few stacks but since the balance bike is light in weight he picked up the bike on his own and had another go.

image1 (6)

I would go as far to say a Balance Buddy bike is an investment toy, not only will it last many years but your investing in further developing your child gross motor skills.

Not to be forgotten, the Balance Buddy bike does comply with Australian Standards.

At $119.00, the Balance Buddy Bike is something you child will enjoy for many years.
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