Bambooby Buddies

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Bamboo breast pads for nursing mothers.

Firstly, don't you just love this business name, Bambooby Buddies! 🙂 Not only is it a funny play on words but it is totally appropriate to the business; selling bamboo breast pads.

Bambooby Buddies business owner Tina Standeven is yet another one of these wonderful mothers whom after having children found a niche in the market for something she so simply required; soft, comfortable breast pads. Now if you are one, like myself, whom has previously used the disposable breast pads I think we will all agree they are not the most pleasant product to use. This is were Tina and her Bambooby Buddies have come to our aid. She has designed a gorgeous range of washable, highly absorbent and very soft breast pads. Gorgeous because they are designed with a lovely feminine 100% cotton outer layer, highly absorbent and soft because they are made with both bamboo velour* and bamboo fleece*. The greatness doesn't stop there, Bambooby buddies carries a daytime and night time style. The daytime design is quite thin and are for light leakage, while the night time breast pads are larger and thicker for when you need a bit more coverage; fantastic!

We had the perfect reviewer for this product because she had a baby girl only 14 days ago (at time of review), here is what she had to say about the Bambooby Buddies.

'In two words, absolutely wonderful! I had been wearing disposable breast pads because one, I needed them and two, the ones are the supermarket are just easy to grab, but now I would say to all mothers and mothers-to-be, "buy these soft washable pads, they really are beneficial". They would make a great baby shower gift too; something thoughtful for the mum-to-be. Back to the breast pads though, I think the best thing I felt about this product was the fact that they are breathable. Disposable breast pads have the plastic backing and I have since realised they stayed warm/hot which at times making the leaked milk 'smelly' and the synthetic top layer rubbed on my nipple which didn't help with my sensitivity or soreness. (On a whole they were quite uncomfortable.)

The Bambooby Buddies on the other hand were a total pleasure to wear, so soft that they were heavenly to place on my breasts and comfortable enough for me to forget I was wearing them. They absorbed  appropriately and washed very well. Considering I have wash the set I received for review just about every day, the quality is superb! The day and night versions were great too, it was great to have the choice of a breast pad which was more absorbent. (No reason why you can't wear the night ones in the day either but are a must for the night.)  I think these are a necessity for anyone who is using breast pads currently, they will change your day.'

Well, I think that was a fabulous review for the Bambooby Buddies breast pads and all because their product is something nursing mothers will really appreciate; made by a women for a women and when it comes to breast pads I think it will only be 'us' who really know what we require.

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