Better Coffee for life Organo Gold

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Do you enjoy a good coffee? Maybe a green tea is more your thing, possibly an occasional hot chocolate? Well we have a business which covers all those delicious drinks and caters with more… Tenelle Bond is an Independent distributor of Organo Gold and she sent us a sizeable assortment of the Better Coffee for life Organo Gold beverage sachets which are all on offer through her online store.


The Better Coffee for life Organo Gold products are unique because each variety contains 100% certified ganoderma extract. What is that? Ganoderma Lucidum is a mushroom which has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for many years because of its benefit in promoting longevity and health. Ganoderma Lucidum is rich in antioxidant which helps strengthen your immune system, which in turn enables your body to fight off viruses and alike. (There is a lot we could tell you about Ganoderma Lucidum after all our research but we need to get onto the coffee! You can read more about this mushroom here.)

So, we passed a selection of the Better Coffee for life Organo Gold sachets onto two elected reviewers. One male reviewer whom gets up at 4.45am and has a coffee every morning to start the day and our other reviewer is a stay at home mum whom claims to have a coffee at midday 'just to keep going'.

Here is what our male review had to say about these unique coffees.

I usually just drink straight black coffee but along with the Gourmet Black Coffee Cafe Noir, I was given Gourmet Cafe Mocha and Gourmet Cafe Latte to review. All of these coffee have the Ganoderma Lucidum extract added. I don't really know what I was expecting but I couldn't smell or taste anything 'different' with the coffees, ie – I didn't taste the ganoderma extract. In saying that I was very impressed by the individual flavours of the respective coffees. The Gourmet Cafe Latte was sweet yet had a bold coffee taste and the Gourmet Cafe Mocha was definitely a nice tasting mocha. You can definitely taste the 'mocha mix'. The aroma when the hot water hit the coffee granules made my kitchen smell of restaurant brewing coffee and the taste of both was just as good.

By far my favourite was the Gourmet Black Coffee Cafe Noir. I like my coffee strong, rich and bold with a lasting impression and this is exactly what I got from the Cafe Noir. I also felt that this coffee lasted me longer; I didn't feel I needed another coffee hours later, I was still 'coffee content'.

I'm definitely of the mind set that if you are going to drink coffee why not get the most benefit out of it and I think Better Coffee for life Organo Gold has done that by adding the Ganoderma Lucidum extract without compromising the coffee quality.

Our stay-at-home Mum drinks coffee to keep her going. See what she had to say our the Better Coffee for life Organo Gold products.

I am not usually a coffee connoisseur. I do like a good coffee but admit I usually drink instant at home because it's just so quick and still very tasty, in my opinion. When I received these products to review I was thankful they were proportioned sachets and not coffee beans. (I'm too busy; I have no time to grind beans and usually have a sleeping baby when I get to have a coffee.) So far the perfect coffee for me, just add water. 🙂

After reading about Ganoderma I must say I was a bit worried as to whether the coffee {Gourmet Hot Chocolate Chaud and Green Tea The Vert} were going to taste unusual. As it turns out, this coffee is really delicious! Adding water to the coffee granules and I smell a lovely rich coffee. I thought both the Cafe Latte and the Cafe Noir did have their own unique flavour, I would say a subtle earthy quality but it's very subtle. I thought the Gourmet Black Coffee Cafe Noir seemed to carry the flavour after swallowing which was nice to have a lasting flavour.


I had not hear of the Better Coffee for life Organo Gold but now, given the option I would rather drink a coffee that has added benefit to it. It is had to determined whether I have boosted my immune system and improved my blood circulation but I definitely felt I have more energy and was more alert. One thing I did notice is that I wasn't craving another coffee at 2pm in the aim to keep me going. I still had enough energy and felt pretty good at this time of day.

Did you know, a good portion of taste is associated to smell so to be pleased by smell gives you a good start to enjoying a product. It sounds like this has been the case with both of our reviewers this week.

I think many people are looking to make small changes to benefit their life and health if they can and these selections of coffees thanks to Better Coffee for life Organo Gold seem to be something all coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinkers can do.

Thank you Independent Distributor Tenelle for introducing us to this fantastic product!
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If you have the time take a look at this short video too. 


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