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Resselle, the creator and owner of bubeewrap kindly sent us the new organic bubeewrap for review. A bubeewrap is an ingenious product to help us swaddle our babys’ easily and safely. The organic bubeewrap is chemical free and with a mix of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton it makes the bubeewrap fabric breathable, soft and slightly stretchy. The organic bubeewrap is also great for any climate so you won’t have to worry about your son/daughter overheating, as long as they are dressed appropriately, while they are swaddled securely.

‘The first thing I noticed about the bubeewrap was the lovely hand print design, very cute. I had been swaddling my son in standard baby blanket but I will admit I had never really had the right technique to keep him wrapped properly. He always managed to wriggle out quite quickly. The bubeewrap solved all my problems! The bubeewrap was very easy to use because the design is perfect for wrapping. It follows the motions of how you would normally wrap your baby, yet has solved all the problems we have with swaddling; no more free little hands, no more kicking covers off and no more unwrapping for a nappy change or feeding. I found my son slept much better at night in the bubeewrap and I had piece of mind. (I didn’t keep getting up to check that he had kicked his blanket off.) During the day I put my son in the bubeewrap when I could see he was getting tired. After I had wrapped him, I would give him some milk and rock him in my arms until he fell asleep. When I put him in his cot from my arms he didn’t wake up, before the bubeewrap 9 out of 10 times he would wake when I put him down.

The bubeewrap has been a wonderfully useful product to help my son sleep longer and sounder through both the day and night. This design of the bubeewrap was so easy to use I taught my husband to wrap our son in one day! I am very thankful I got to review the bubeewrapbecause of it the whole house has been getting much more sleep!’

The design of the bubeewrap means you will get significant use of this product because there is two sizes of pockets for your baby’s arms and there is a considerable length of Velcro so as your baby grows you can still use the bubeewrap. A unique part of this design is the pocket for the legs. After you do the last fold, you insert their legs into the leg pocket. This is great because your baby can’t kick his or her way out of the wrap; they will be safe, secure and warm all night long.

It is great that the bubeewrap print is a unisex design because it is suitable for any baby and makes a great gift for a baby shower, especially if the parents are choosing not to find out the sex of the baby. The organic bubeewrap comes in a cute eco-bag that has all the instructions on it. The bubeewrap is a must for any new parent; it is honestly so much easier than trying to wrap your baby in a regular blanket!

You can also get 100% cotton bubeewrap’s , these comes in great colours too.

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