Cake 2 The Rescue

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Do It Yourself Cake Kits

What a fun and exciting business Cake 2 The Rescue is and this week we have reviewed two of their marvellous, and very helpful, Cake Rescue Kits.

“I think these kits are ingenious! I am not a baker but I baked an awesome cake thanks entirely to the Cake Rescue Kit.” said our reviewer of the pink Teddy Bear cake.

What is so special about Cake 2 The Rescue? It’s the fact that they have done all the work for you. Firstly, they have designed 50 Cake Rescue Kits for you to choose from and in each kit comes EVERYTHING you need to create that cake. Think, sliver cake board, the cake slicer, candles, rolling pin and of course, all the cake making and decorating ingredients which have been measured and combine accordingly.

Everything I got in the Cake Rescue Kit, minus the baking box & the silver cake board.

‘My son was having a Hoot inspired party and Cake 2 The Rescue kindly sent us their Whooot cake to go with our party theme. Although I had never baked such a technical looking cake before this Cake 2 The Rescue kit gave me confidence I could do it because everything was included, along with easy to follow instructions and ready cut templates for the icing. The BAKE-IN-THE-BOX technique worked perfectly, I didn’t get any cake caught to the box, neither the side or the bottom! (Photos below.) The icing was easily made and with the ‘bakers girl tips’, was easily applied to the cake. My Whooot cake turned out perfectly and I can quite honestly say the sponge cake was light, fluffy and sweet, and our guests went back for seconds so I must have done a good job!

I would recommend checking out Cake 2 The Rescue if you are having a party. The Cake Rescue Kit saved me heaps of time from organising and buy ingredients, not to mention money because I didn’t have to buy packs of food colouring or baking power for example, both of which I would only need a small amount and be left with virtually the whole pack which I have no use for. Cake 2 The Rescue is a must!’
Please Note – this Whooot Cake has now change design to Hoot Dude and he looks very cool indeed!

‘I was given a gorgeous Teddy Bear Cake from Cake 2 The Rescue to review and have to say I was nervous about making this cake as I have never made a themed cake before. It turned out that I didn’t have to be concerned at all. The Cake Rescue Kit was fantastic, everything you need from start to finish is included and the instructions were very simple to follow. And when I say everything was included I mean it! The great BAKE-IN-THE-BOX idea meant that I didn’t have to find a baking tin big enough for a celebration cake. A rolling pin and cake server were also included. The fondant is pre mixed and all I had to do was roll it and cut it out using the templates, so easy. The cake is large and is perfect for a children’s party, plenty to feed everyone. It was really enjoyable and made me feel like I had accomplished something worthwhile for my daughter. She loved it and I highly recommend Cake 2 The Rescue to anyone considering making a birthday cake!’

As you have read our Cake Rescue Kits were a complete success, but Cake 2 The Rescue don’t just supply cake kits; you can also get Cupcake Bite Kits! Cupcakes are quite fashionable at the moment so these would be a winner at any party. Their website has great photos of the designs so you know what you are getting before you purchase and the categories make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. We are all very impressed by what Cake 2 The Rescue has to offer!

Cake 2 The Rescue is on Facebook.

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