Ethman ~ Jackson Reece Baby Wipes

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Most parents with a baby or toddler would be using wipes to clean their little bottoms. Well, we have been given some ‘healthy’ wipes to review this week. When I say ‘healthy’ I mean more pure for the children and more positive for the environment. Thanks to Ethman we were sent some natural and herbal Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature, baby wipes along with some Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature, natural flushable wipes.

All these wipes are 100% biodegradable, compostable and chlorine free. Whether you choose scented or unscented wipes only the purest, natural ingredients are used making these suitable for children with eczema and sensitive skin. (99% of all the ingredients used are derived from vegetable or plant extracts). The wipes are all hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved and have never been tested on animals.

As the environment is important too, the wipes made in the UK come with a low carbon footprint. Even the packaging, specially designed to keep the wipes moist and fresh is recyclable.

I think our reviewers say it all…..

Reviewer 1 ~ ‘I was pleasantly surprised by these Jackson Reece baby wipes. I was given a range of three different products from Ethman to trial; Unscented and fragranced baby wipes plus a set of flushable wipes.

I was so impressed; the wipes themselves are very soft but are still strong. I did not have any tear while using them and with 72 in a pack, I think that shows great quality. The fragranced wipes smelt lovely and fresh and are just as good to use as the unscented variety. Another thing I loved about this product was the seal on top. It is strong and adhered very well, not once did it peel open giving the wipes a chance to dry out. This fact makes it a great design to have in your nappy bag. ‘

Reviewer 2 ~ ‘I have been using re-usable nappies with my little one so I was very happy to be chosen to review the Jackson Reece baby wipes. I think it is great that these bio-degradable wipes contain organic ingredients, meaning no alcohol, no parabens and no to many other nasties found in most other wipes. The quality of the wipes were great and I would say better than other baby wipes because they are much safer for your child’s little bottom. I also used these wipes at times for general use such as wiping my little one’s face and also my hands; they are safe enough to do so because they are dermatologically approved and hypoallergenic.’

As you can see we had two very impressed reviewers. Ethman is the Australian distributor for Jackson Reece products. Jackson Reece is very new to Australia, so there are not many stockists currently, but you can see who stocks them here. Ethman wholesales many other brands, and if you go to the stockists page you’ll be able to see who stocks which products.

Ethman is also on Facebook, be sure to drop by and say Hi.

Thanks to Ethman for sending us this great product for review!

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