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Todays review from www.fertilemind.com.au was a timely one indeed!
Our reviewer gave birth and instantly got to review the great Aussie invention, The Milkbar Nursing Pillow. The pillow also served as a great support for her during late pregnancy.


The Milkbar is a little bean shaped pillow, small enough to be portable and made to fit the contours of mum’s body comfortably. It’s slightly elevated and wider at one end to accommodate your baby for feeding and very comfortable for nursing parents, saving you from back pains.


It has a carry handle, a washable cover and you can buy extra covers if needed. The cotton washable cover proved easy to take off and put back on without it losing its shape. It’s non allergenic and comes in three colour combinations, brown/sand, pink/sand and blue/sand. It also comes in a twin nursing pillow size.

“I got to review the Milkbar nursing pillow immediately after the birth of my son and it fits comfortably and protected my stomach area after a caesarean section, I love it! It also helped my back and arms from getting tired, was good for my posture overall and I was even able to send messages on my phone while breastfeeding. We’ve had a few little spitups so the removable cover has been handy. As you can see in the picture below baby is so comfy and fully supported and so relaxed!

MilkBarw1It has made breastfeeding so much easier than I expected – it put baby at the right height without straining, he is very comfortable, well supported all over and in the right position for me, which was particularly beneficial when the feeds could go for an hour!

It’s also an attractive, well wearing product and I’d gladly buy it for any pregnant woman I know.

Ultimately I found this a useful breastfeeding pillow.  As I am new to breastfeeding it can be so hard to sit comfortably and be relaxed at the same time when learning and this pillow is a great accessory and made the experience a pleasant one. It really helps you to look after your neck and back while also supporting your baby when feeding and I recommend breastfeeding women should try it.”

The Milkbar nursing pillow is:

• great for both breast and bottle-feeding newborns and infants or as a pregnancy support sleeping pillow, travel or kids snuggle pillow
• 100% Australian owned
• an Australian design by a mother of three children
• fully washable:
– removable 100% Cotton cover
– all new polyester washable filling; non-allergenic and odourless

The Milkbar nursing pillow:

• supports baby’s weight while feeding, reducing neck, back and arm strain
• elevates baby’s head to a comfortable level for feeding and aids digestion
• allows baby to be nursed on either side
• maximises both baby’s and mother’s comfort
• adapts to all waist and chair shapes
• helps protect delicate abdominal area after Caesarean Section deliveries
• has a convenient carry handle.

You can find the Milkbar and other great baby products at www.fertilemind.com.au or visit them on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/FertileMindMaternityBaby

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