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This week we bring you an awesome Aussie business, GardenKit. Now this is something for everybody. GardenKit have created, easy, affordable, all-in-one garden kits for people who don't have gardens or just want to add more. The effortlessness of this product for our young reviewers is something that shone through with this review. When it comes to soil, seeds and water, I'm sure you just see mess and bother. Well, this is not the case, read more to see how our reviewers found the GardenKits they received…  


I felt this was a wonderful experience for my son. He does enjoy digging up our garden so I knew he would be interested in this product. I loved that the GardenKit came with everything we needed {except water obviously}, and there was the right amount of good quality soil to fill the pot and plenty of seeds {approximately 200}. I have found this to be a great quality product and I think the outdoor educational experience is priceless for young ones. It has been a fun way to education my son about plants and nature in general, a hands-on way of showing him how & how long it takes plants to grow. Now he can't wait to pick his home-grown sweet basil leaves to add to our dinner!  


Our second reviewer had this to say;

My step-daughter, 6, absolutely loves gardening so she couldn't wait to review the GardenKit. We received the GardenKit containing parsley seeds and she couldn't wait to get them planted. 🙂 I was very thankful there was no building required which was great because that meant my step-daughter could do it all herself. It is a great size pot which she has been able to move around to catch the full sun, particularly when the season changed and those few frosty mornings we have had. She has also taken full responsibility for 'her' parsley and has been watering every few days, without either of us having to tell her. She has taken lots of pleasure and pride in her very own planter box and has been taking great care of it. So for her this GardenKit garden project has been a 10 out of 10 and I have to agree.

For me the GardenKit has been a no fuss product. I didn't need to added soil, there is no digging or tools required and the fact that it comes with a matching tray to catch the wait is great because our patio has been saved from excess water and soil mess. 🙂 I think the GardenKit business really has done a great job with this product and it's perfect for the kids and no hassle for the adults.


Now, don't assume GardenKit only creates kids garden kits because if you head to their website you will see the amazing variety they have to offer, whether you are looking for herbs, flowers or vegetables, GardenKit has you covered. Currently, there are Mother's Day kits available too which would be a wonderful unique gift for any mother.

Once you have chosen the garden kit you would like, you then have the option of the pot design; big, small, red, green, there are plenty of choices which all display the cost. (Prices start from $12!)

You should all check out this unique Aussie business. I think you will be surprised at what they have to offer!

It's a terrific gift idea for children!!!

GardenKit is on Facebook | Twitter 

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