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With all our little ones in our Aussie Product Review family we had no shortages of reviewers for the Kiddie Concepts Adaptable Kiddie Bottle’s. I love this bottle! It would have saved me some money had I have known about it when my bub was born! Essentially, the Adaptable Kiddie Bottle is a 3-in-1 stainless steel bottle that can be fitted with a nipple teat for newborns, a sippy top for toddlers and a sports lid for older children. The Sports Top which will keep your child using the bottle for many years to come. The Kiddie Concepts Adaptable Kiddie Bottle is also compatible with leading brand teats so you start using this bottle from the age of 3 month with the right teats! (Please note – this bottle is not designed for hot/warm drinks as the stainless steel with conduct the heat.)

‘My son reviewed the Sports Top Bottle which is for ages 3 years +, my son is 2 and he found it fine to use. He soon got to know the pop up top and he loved it, because it was just like Daddy’s. I was very impressed by the design of this bottle, there is a rubber ring on the inside of the sports top and that makes sure to stop any leakages. Even when the bottle ended up on its side, not one drop of water escaped. The bottle is also made very tough; it was dropped a few times and does not have a dint to show. This bottle is food grade stainless steel and the top is BPA free, so I have no worries letting my son drink for this very practical bottle. Also, I think the stainless steel kept the water cooler for longer than if it had of been in a plastic bottle. In all, I found this product to be completely user friendly for my son and most importantly, safe for him. Thanks to Kiddie Concepts for bring us such a great product!’

One of our reviwers had this to say about the Kiddie Concepts Bottle – Sippy Top.
‘I am very happy that there is now an alternative to plastic bottles that is not glass. My child can drink safely when he is out and about with his sports bottle. The Sippy Top which is the only plastic part to the bottle is 100% BPA free. (An interesting fact – Did you know, BPA is not banned in Australia and it is in many other countries such as Denmark, Canada, France and a number of States in the US !) The bottle is a great size as it held more than enough liquid for my 18 month old and the bottle itself is not heavy so she had no trouble walking around with it, which coincidentally meant she drank more water! It is a great design feature that there are handles with this design and for this age group. It make it much easier for her to drink from. I’m extremely happy with the Kiddie Concepts Adaptable Kiddie Bottle!’

The design of the Adaptable Kiddie Bottle has thought of everything and the fact it has interchangeable tops means you only really need one bottle and then by purchasing replacement lids makes it very cost effective. There are a range of three colours to select from when purchasing the Sippy Top Bottle which mean each sibling with have their own colour; No more fights! Oh, and there is FREE shipping Australia wide – another reason to give them a try! 🙂

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