Kiddies Food Kutter

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The knife that cuts food, not fingers!

We bring you a wonderful product this week, Kiddies Food Kutter, a safe serrated knife suitable for children aged 2 and up. This product is a great starting point for your child to get familiar with a serrated knife at meal times. With their perfectly designed child size plastic handles and rounded off stainless steel teeth you can be at ease in knowing your child will comfortably and safely be able to use their Kiddies Food Kutter and start on their way to independent meal times.

The second I saw the Kiddies Food Kutter’s I knew my son would love them! With their serrated edge I knew it would look authentic enough that he would think he was using the same knife design as Mum and Dad.

The product was revolutionary in our home. A big statement I know but the Kiddies Food Kutter helped us at dinner time a great deal. My son just loved to use ‘his’ special knife, I think the fact that he had more independence while eating made him excited and wanting to eat his dinner. (Yay!) The design of the Kiddies Food Kutter really means there are no cut fingers. Actually, I have a good example, I looked over to see my son holding a sausage at its end with his fingers and then cutting with the other hand. He must have been millimetres from his fingers or even gave them a slight swipe. I didn’t have to worry, because he was using the Kiddies Food Kutter. If it was any other knife I would have run over there in a second! This product is extremely beneficial and could be considered educational for my son as it is helping him learn how to use a knife along with basic table manners.

Kiddies Food Kutter in action!

I will admit, this is not a product that a child should be left with unsupervised with. At one time my son did ‘stab’ the food; basically used the knife as a fork but it is all part of me teaching and my son learning.

Do you love the sound of this product? Well, along with individual purchases, the Kiddies Food Kutter is also available for fundraising opportunities so next time your kindergarten or child care centre are looking at fundraising think of Kiddies Food Kutter! The knife comes in three colours, red, blue and yellow and are also dishwasher safe so no special treatment required.

If you children are a little older than our reviewer’s why not get your little one helping in the kitchen to make their lunch or pizza for dinner, etc, they would love to help and if your child is around 2, get them to use the knife with Playdoh, its safe and they can start to learn the sawing motion.

As you can see we think the Kiddies Food Kutter is more than just a knife, it’s a learn tool, teaching kids independence, self reliance, the sawing motion of cutting and also table manners! Love it!

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