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Krafty Kitchenware, the upbeat, exciting online kitchenware website that has sent us products to review in the past have done it again. This time we are reviewing the White Magic Eco Kitchen Care Pack that retails on their website for $44.00. They have an outstanding website that sells the most amazing kitchen products – pop over yourself and see!


White Magic has created a highly effective range of microfibre cleaning products which enable you to clean using their cloths or sponges, and adding only water! The sponges work really well at removing stubborn marks from painted walls, doors and most surfaces, just rub lightly as if you are using an eraser! No scrubbing required. All marks just disappear, like magic! The pack we reviewed came with cloths for:

1. KITCHEN SURFACES : Made with nano silver to inhibit bacteria growth
2. STAINLESS STEEL : Dual sided for brushed & polished stainless steel
3. GLASS & WINDOW : Buffs whilst cleaning streak free
4. OVEN & COOKTOP : Aggressive scrubbers clean stubborn grease & grime
5. TEA TOWEL : Super absorbent so leaves no water residue

I got to review this set of cloths from Krafty Kitchenware  and Aussie Product Review. I have a family of five, 2 adults and three children under 8 years old. Our home gets grubby every week so I wanted to test these cloths out immediately!


The great thing about this set of cloths is that you don't need to use any chemical cleaners! This is great for our family because we have a child with asthma and other health problems and try to keep our environment as chemical free as possible. The pack came with a Washing Up Pad, Oven/Cooktop Cloth, Window/Glass Cloth, Kitchen Cloth and Tea Towel, everything needed to clean the whole house. we tested it on the mirrors, oven, stovetop, washing up and scoured out many pots and pans – it worked well every time. In fact it made the jobs very easy as the 'goop' came off everything quickly and without much effort. You just dampen the cloth with tap water, wirng out and you're ready to clean!


The cloths all went in the washing machine and came out clean. I don't know how they work but they do and I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to cut down on chemicals and cleaning time!


Benefits of this cloth are:

• DOUBLE SIDED Dual Cleaning Layers
• Machine Washable up to 500 Times
• Professional 32 x 32cm Size
• Super Reinforced Stitching
• Ultra Absorbent
• 77 % Larger than other Cloths

The White Magic ultra microfibre cloth is the one tested in the CHOICE review, and is the best all rounder of all microfibre cloths! It scored well for Kitchen, Bathroom, Dusting, Mirrors, Stainless Steel (stovetop, oven, fridge) with a total score of 76%. The next best score was 61%, so it won by a good margin!

Krafty Kitchenware was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Josh Walker after noticing there were no online kitchenware businesses offering unique, high quality  kitchen products. Josh has well and truly filled that niche now. His website offers a huge range of krafty kitchenware products so whether you like the wooden look, vintage-retro products or are just after a new utensil, Krafty Kitchenware is the website you must visit.

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