ManBrand Shave Club

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Most of us find a good razor and then stick with it….. ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ phrase comes to mind and also, it cost too much to change over. If you have spent $25/$30 for the razor pack and then $35 for razor refills cartridges. You’re not going to change over easily.

Well, I think we can make you WANT to change…. here it is. A quality product for a minimal cost.

Save money with significantly cheaper cartridges, convenience of monthly blades arriving at your door and additionally, you are supporting this unique Australian business.

We introduce you to….

ManBrand is a Shave Club so the concept of their business is you select of razor of choice – 5 blade or 3 blade – and then you as a ‘subscriber’ have the convenience of being sent three or four cartridges every month (depending on your initial selection of razor). The billing is made monthly as you will see with your initial purchase.

We have received the ManBrand Evolution 5 blade razor to review and can I say it looks impressive! Obviously it has 5 blades but it also has a trimmer razor, which is for defining sideburns, goatee, etc. It flexes sightly and has an aloe and vitamin-e strip.

We had one of our man reviewers road test the ManBrand Evolution, below is his thoughts on this product….

I have extremely sensitive skin and it’s not ideal for me to shave every day but I have to for work, regardless. My facial hair does grow fairly fast and by the time the weekend is over I have quite a ‘healthy’ growth happening. I trialled this product daily and the results that I personally saw were all positive.

From hairy to handsome...

From hairy to handsome…

The razor itself felt to be very good quality; solid/heavy and had a rubber grip both in the centre of the razor and one underneath on the end. Minimum chance of dropping this razor!

The actual shave was close to the skin and therefore left me smooth and for what I would say to be longer too. My main concern was red and raw spots on my face but {thankfully} I didn’t get any sore spots with the Evolution 5 blade razor. It was a very smooth, clean shave and was pleasurable to use this ManBrand razor.

ManBrand Evolution 5 blade in action...

ManBrand Evolution 5 blade in action…

Honestly, the quality of this product was equally as good as any of the well known brands that I have tried. I have been thoroughly impressed by the Evolution 5 black razor and I think the service and convenience you get with this product would just be an added bonus.

I’ve been very happy with every shave since using this razor and the trimmer has been a great addition which I have used multipliable times.

Is your teenage son starting to shave?
Is your husband ‘clean shaven’ man?
Does your boyfriend define his goatee?

ManBrand Shave Club is suitable to help all the men above and more!


Evolution 5 blade razor + trimmer – $8.50 per month
Revolution 3 blade razor – $6.50 per month

Evolution 5 blade razor specifics;

3 Cartridges Per Month
High End 5 Blade + Trimmer Razor
Precision Ceramic coated blades
Trimmer blade for sideburns and goatee definition
90º pivot head with glide action control
Macro-Guard bar for a safe quick shave
Quick release button for easy flow cleaning
Longlife Aloe & Vitamin-E Strip

Loved what you have just read? Well, it’s only about to get better.
Aussie Product Review have 5 ManBrand Evolution 5 blade razor to giveaway. Enter below for your chance to win one of 5 packs.

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(Please note – this is a one off pack. There will be no cartridges sent monthly.)



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