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This week we bring you an exciting product or is it a service, I’m not too sure now… in any case, we introduce you to the wonderful Aussie business:
Native Box.

Native Box is a monthly package delivered to your door and it is full of Australian natural, sustainable products. It’s a great way for all of us to discover and sample healthier alternatives to many different products. Native Box has done the hard work in sourcing these products from other Australian businesses and then managed to collaborate with them to bring us the Native Box. We have passed one of these awesome packages to our reviewer….

Wow, to receive this product is the true definition of exciting, {causing great enthusiasm and eagerness}, I could not wait to open this review product from Native Box.

This box is a win-win for businesses and customers alike. From a business perspective you get to showcase a product, be it full or sample size. Then from a customer point of view, which is me in this case, I can get a ‘taste’ of a selection of different brands and what they can offer me. Each business can showcase a product along with some paraphernalia to inform us of their great product and business.

The range of product contained within the Native Box was great. I seemed to get a little bit of everything, from make-up to face serum to dried fruit and nuts. It was a great range of items and they were good trial sizes, enough I have a good try of the product and I also got a full-size product! I loved this Native Box so much I have already told many of my friends about it and I will be purchasing a monthly subscription for various friends and family’s birthdays!


I found this to be a very exciting and fun way to learn of the many Aussie businesses out there providing us with wonderful healthy, organic, natural products and I say ‘thank you’ to Native Box for putting it altogether in one fun monthly package!

Native Box have two box choices, Beauty Box or the Classic Box and they have made their wonderful boxes cost effective for all people as they start from $16.60 per month which does include shipping! Native Box have also made the process of gift giving very easy with the “Gift the Box” category. Now that you have found it, you can share this with others and they will be so happy you did!

Should you not quite want the box yet but are simply interested in purchasing an individual product Native Box also has a SHOP. This again gives you the opportunity to try one or two products that your are specifically after but without the subscription factor. We really feel Native Box has covered all areas in making it easy for the customer to find products that are Australian, healthy and/or organic and sustainable.

Native Box is found on many social media platforms –
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