Pichlers Tiroler Gluhwein – Brew Bags

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These Pichlers Tiroler Gluhwein, (pronounced gloo-vine), in brew bag form are fantastic!  Where as the syrup is for the masses so to speak, the individually packaged brew bags are for just that; individuals. While you can infuse an entire bottle of warmed wine with the brew bag for 10mins, the quicker option is to single serve in a mug. Warm your wine, add a Pichler brew bag and infuse for 4 mins…. add sugar to taste and enjoy.

'I have had the opportunity to review both the Pichlers Tiroler Gluhwein syrup and brew bags and quite honestly I loved both of them. I felt with the brew bags I could 'personalise' my drink as per my taste. By this I mean, I could add as much or little sugar as I wanted and if I wanted the spices to be more prevalent I would leave the brew bag in my mug for the required time of 4 minutes but should I want it a little less spicy I wouldn't steep the brew bag for as long. I found the individual brew bags to be a great 'size' for me because some nights it was only me who wanted the warm, spicy drink.'

Our second review has this to say about the Pichlers Tiroler Gluhwein brew bags;

'Wow, did I go all out on these brew bags, I think I tried every combination I could! 🙂

'This has been my first time to try mulled wine and I have to say I was really impressed by this soul warming drink. I would never have dreamed of heating red wine and infusing it with the spices but now that I have discovered the Pichler Tiroler Gluhwein brew bags, it will be something I enjoy often and introduce to friends from now on. When drinking the Gluhwein you can taste all different spices in a perfect balance, you get little hits of flavours on different levels all while enjoying the warming sensation moving down into your belly. It is really delightful. My suggestion to you would be not to put too much sugar in because you don't want the sweetness to saturate your palate and inturn miss out on all the wonderful spice.

After reading on the packet that you could add a nip of tequila, rum or brandy with your brew, I knew I was the one to review those combinations too. Each of these completely change the taste of the Gluhwein but the underlying idea was there – spice. I think the rum and brandy each worked well, I quiet enjoyed the brandy variety but the rum one nearly blew my head off. Finally I tried the 'virgin mix' in which I used apple juice and surprisingly it was quite nice although I found it a lot sweeter due to the apple juice itself.

All in all I found this product to be super easy to make and extremely fun and enjoyable to drink. I will definitely be sharing this little heated gem with my friends.'

Well, needless to say our reviewers loved Pichlers Tiroler Gluhwein's brew bags. Reviewer two, (and I know who you are), no wonder I didn't see you for over a week, you were busy……. recovering, sorry I mean reviewing! 🙂

Pichler Tiroler Gluhwein Brew Bags, containing 100% natural ingredients & specially selected aromatic spices, are based on centuries old traditional recipes. Each box of 10 Brew bags makes up to 30 serves of delicious Tiroler Gluhwein.

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