Pilanky by Happy Jo Designs

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With the school holidays well under way, I have no doubt many of you would have wished you had a Pilanky handy. No more pulling out mattress, finding extra sheets and pinching pillows from others….

“Pilanky? What are you referring to APR?” I know you are all asking. Let us tell you….

The Pilanky features a padded mattress, pillow, sheet and blanket: making it an ‘all in one bed’! The Pilanky is ideal for sleepovers, camping, daycare and even sleeps at home as our reviewer found out…. We were sent a cute owl print Pilanky, (goes with our APR logo), vibrant and appealing with its bold colours. Review is as follows;


I received the Pilanky by Happy Jo Designs and was interested by the idea of it but after our many uses I am completely impressed by the quality and functionality and am sold on the product in its entirety.

image3 (1)

The Pilanky is a child-friendly design as it is as close to a bed as you can get for a product that is essentially on-the-go. A mattress, pillow connected combo along with a sewn on sheet and then a detachable blanket. Since the sheet and blanket are attached there will be no lost bedding over night and therefore no cold children. The design of the Pilanky is essentially something they are already familiar with {a sheet and blanket} therefore comfortable and easy for them. Also, both the sheet and blanket are long enough so the child can be ‘tucked in’: the sheet and blanket tuck under the base.

The design is perfect for the targeted age group of 1 to 7 years as many of those are still learning of night time toilet habits. That brings me to my next point, yes the entire Pilanky is machine washable. I did wash the one we received and it washed very well. It stayed in shape and the filling didn’t bunch up. (I did lay it flat over the washing line to help keep everything in shape.)

What I personally thought was great, is that the Pilanky is zipperless. Since there is no zipper to deal with my 5 year old found it quick and easy to get in and out of, without help from us and meant I had no worries using it with my 2 year old as well. Again, perfect design for the targeted age group.

The quality and make of the Pilanky by Happy Jo Designs is perfect. The base is thick enough so the child doesn’t feel the ground below and in turn making it extremely comfortable. It was extremely easy to fold up, the Velcro tabs keep it secure and the long handle make it easy and convenient to take with you.

So, when exactly did we use the Pilanky? Our 2 year old slept in the Pilanky twice next to our bed as he got up during the night wanting to sleep with us but that’s a habit we are trying to get out of. Our 5 year old, he took it to Grandma’s place for sleepover, a friends house for a party and late night: we left an 11.30pm and he was well asleep in the Pilanky by then. For school holiday fun, he had a ‘sleep-out’ in the lounge room and also a night in his cubby.

image2 (4)

I found myself referring to the Pilanky as an opulent, fresh design-take on the traditional sleeping bag. We loved it!

The Pilanky seem to be fun and practical! To personalised additional touch on the Pilanky you can get the child’s name added and also, there are many fabric designs to choose so why not let them select their favourite, (unless it’s a surprise of course).

The plain fabric Pilanky’s are $69.95 and the patterned fabric are $79.95, all are handmade in Australia.
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