Planning your Christmas Marketing

Christmas marketing is little more targeted than general marketing in the sense that you only have a short window of opportunity to gain interest in your business. Attracting the attention you need should really begin in the month of October but online businesses usually start their campaigns in November, the first week of November!

3 goals in planning your marketing are:

  1. To generate more interest in your business and build your list of prospects. You can do this by running a competition. Asking existing customers to refer a friend. Write a great press release and send it out locally or nationally.
  2. Sell more to your existing customers. Send out discount vouchers to your customers or offer a discount code to them when they purchase online with you. Give away a free gift with each sale or offer a two for one deal until Christmas for them.
  3. Sell to your list. These are the people who haven’t as yet bought from you but are interested in your business and what you offer. They are your newsletter subscribers. Send emails letting them know about what they get when they purchase from your business, a discount, coupon, free gift and continued loyalty offers.

A lot of people also see Christmas as a time to spend a little on themselves. This can equate into more sales for you if you can offer these buyers something for themselves when they purchase from you.

For instance:

“Buy one for you, get one for me” This is how you can reward customers directly if they buy their gifts from your business.
“It’s a great time to treat yourself” This one encourages your customers to take a moment to think about themselves in between buying for others.
“The gift that just keeps giving”  This is when a customer receives an incentive to keep using your business after the Christmas season is over. A loyalty reward program of some sort, perhaps monthly discount vouchers, special regular customer gifts etc.
“Get the gift you really want” It’s naughty but it works! This idea is to ask prospective customers to choose a gift they would like to receive and then give the email address of the person they would like to notify about it, saying they have found a perfect gift they’d like for Christmas.

Plan your Christmas marketing effectively. Jot down on your calendar what you have planned and when you will execute the plan. Make sure you are doing something every day to promote your business!

  • Facebook posts
  • Competitions
  • Press releases
  • Advertisements
  • Free offers
  • Discounts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Christmas goodies – printables, games
  • Bundle products
  • Send a card
  • Send a gift
  • Spend over $50.00 and get a free product

Your Christmas marketing needs to be thorough to work effectively. Set up dedicated landing pages on your website for Christmas deals and offers. Adding a Christmas ‘feel’ to these pages can increase conversions so spruce them up! Make people enjoy being on your site at Christmas and give them something to talk about.

Set up some automatic Christmas emails and a great Christmas newsletter to encourage your list to visit your website over the November/December period. Tell them about all the great offers and things (as above) that you have planned for them. Give then direct means to buy from you right off the email!

Optimising your website titles can bring in the traffic over Christmas from search engines. Search engine optimisation is the single most important aspect of your marketing efforts any time of the year, but especially at Christmas.

It’s a great time of the year to be an active participant on forums. Offer advice and really help people with their problems.

Advertising on Facebook has now become easier with their new ‘promote’ tab. Adwords can still be a good choice if you have done your research but do be careful whenever you are parting with money to advertise. The ROI is a tricky business and Christmas dollars can be easily lost.

You can find tons of marketing ideas on this website that can be used at Christmas time and all year round. Take a look around and find the ideas that fit with your business. Good luck!