Safety Food Peeler

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safetyfoodpeelerlogoJacklyn James of Kiddies Food Kutter has sent in their latest product to be reviewed, and that product is the Safety Food Peeler. We received the pack of three Safety Food Peeler’s containing the colours Red, Yellow and Blue. We sent these onto our reviewers; one being a four and a half year old boy and the other a 6 year old girl whom just loves cooking in the kitchen, between them and their respective parents, here is what they had to say about the Safety Food Peeler…


The first thing I notice was the design. The entire Safety Food Peeler is made of a hard plastic, even the ‘peeler’ part. I gave the product a good look over before seeing how my son went with the product. I ran my thumb over the ‘peeler’ section and yes it is sharp but I can now see it just simply wont cut skin. Just from that little look over I am confident in its safety entirely. The Safety Food Peeler is strong and sturdy, it didn’t have much bend to it so I presume that helps with the peeling technique as it’s not going to bend with the pressure of the peeling motion. It’s a nice solid peeler that I feel very confident will work and be safe for our son.

He is only four and a half and I have to say he has never used a peeler before so here it goes….


….Complete success! He smile the whole time purely because he was learning something new and ‘adult like’ and he didn’t require my help.

Our second reviewer sent this in….

My daughter is no stranger to the kitchen but there are a few things she is not allowed to do due to her age. She has used a vegetable peeler before but only under my supervision so when the Safety Food Peeler came up for review she was more than happy to help.

Over our review period, which was at least a month, I would say she peeled all the vegetables {the ones that required peeling} – She loved the product! She found it comfortable and easy to use. She was happy that I didn’t have to hover over her and make sure she was going it properly and wasn’t going to cut herself. She was more than happy to peel all the veggies and chat away to me while she was doing so.

When it comes down to it, I think the Safety Food Peeler has given her more independence in the kitchen, more confidence in her abilities and gave us more time to talk together while cooking together, (mother – daughter time). She did not have one complain about the Safety Food Peeler and needless to say, it worked; and it worked really well.

I think those are two great reviews of the Kiddies Food Kutter’s newest product, Safety Food Peeler.

You can purchase these as a pack of 3 and as an individual one and right now there is a limited edition colour of Hot Pink!
We have previously reviewed the Kiddies Food Kutter which is a child safe knife; and now these two items come in mixed packs of 3, so you can purchase 2 Peelers & 1 Kutter or 2 Kutters & 1 Peeler.

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These items are a wonderful way to get your child started in the kitchen safely.

Australian Owned and Made too!

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