Sheer Bliss Travel Pillow

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pillowThe Sheer Bliss travel pillow from MicroCloud is comfort, prestige, and indulgence all rolled into one small pillow. Measuring a generous travel pillow size of 37 x 22 x 8 centimetres, this travel pillow will fully satisfy travellers. This pillow is such a great size that it does not just have to be used for travelling, it is large enough and comfortable enough to be used as a replacement of hotel/motel pillows, when camping, or staying with friends and family. It supports your head, neck and shoulders comfortably.

The pillow is filled with MicroCloudTM, a high tech fibre designed to feel as soft as pure down and without the controversy of cruelty to animals with true down, this means it is still ultra-soft without restricting those who have allergies, due to it being hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and anti-microbial. The polyester is of such quality that you do not have to worry about using the travel pillow a handful of times and it sinking in the middle where you lay your head, as it is buoyant and bounces back into shape easily after a few “plump ups”, however this unique man-made polyester will make sure that you sink into the pillow for that ultimate luxurious 5 star hotel feeling every time!

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This great travel pillow can also be machine washed and tumble dried, so you do not have to worry how many times its been used as it can be quickly washed and dried for your peace of mind. It also comes with two incredibly soft micro fibre washable pillowcases. The pillowcases are excellent quality like that of the Sheer Bliss travel pillow itself. The cases are classically finished with a gusset-style design and sewn with a piping trim which all help retain the pillows shape, elegance, and capacity. An added bonus to the case is its stain resistant, anti-pilling protector.

The Sheer Bliss travel pillow as it has its own durable travel bag that fits the pillow and pillowcases snug for you. This makes it so easy to take on those plane, boat, bus, or car trips! It is lightweight for travel, weighing only 520 grams, including the durable travel bag. It is a long lasting travel pillow and comes with a 3 year warranty. With a high thread count japara cotton fabric of the finest quality, by using cotton you are experiencing health, comfort quality and a lasting pillow! What more could you want?

I have been using the travel pillow for over a month now on my hour long train commute to and from work. I love it, as it does everything I need and want it to do. The two ultra-soft pillowcases came in handy as I can wash one while using the other, so I do not miss out on a day using my pillow, and because of that I’ve not felt I’ve had to wash the travel pillow itself as the pillowcases have a sort of barrier on them which keeps the pillow underneath extremely clean. I highly recommend this for people who are out and about for hours on end. It would be great for holidays for the kids and parents alike, when you go on those long trips to holiday destinations. That extra bit of comfort will make those travel days more pleasurable for the whole family. 

Here are some wonderful ways the Sheer Bliss elite travel pillow can be used : 

* ideal as a comfort – rest aid when travelling especially by plane, bus, train. A mini version of a 5 star hotel pillow

* ideal for those all important and potentially lifesaving “power or micro naps “  when travelling by car

* can also be used as a lower back support when seated. To relieve lower back pain

* a must have when travelling and staying in hotels, motels as a backup comfort pillow to those yukky, flat, smelly , lumpy pillows on the beds – an often sited experience

* also ideal for camping . Compact and comfy

Some VITAL key features of Sheer Bliss are :

* two silky soft navy pillowcases with each pillow, one as a spare for convenience

* super comfort and support for head and neck

* filled with premium MicroCloud filling – an elite, hi tech fibre

* non allergenic

* easy to machine wash and tumble dry ( pillow and cases ). Quick drying

* long lasting and reliable

* convenient carry bag

The Sheer Bliss travel pillow is a truly luxurious smaller version of the 5 star luxury hotel pillow and wonderfully comfortable.

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