10 Ways To Publicise and Grow Your Business



This is an easy but in depth 10 step course that will help you to promote and grow your small business immediately.

Here’s an outline of the course:

  1. Social Media Domination – Create a list of ‘influencers’ in your niche
  2. You Win’ and How – How to run a competition
  3. Review Me – How to get your products reviewed
  4. Article Time – Writing an article and getting it published
  5. Your Email Signature – Here’s how to set up your email signature
  6. Gathering Testimonials – How to collect and use testimonials
  7. Give ’em More – Giving customers more than they expect
  8. Now Give It Back! – Give customers the chance to win back their money
  9. Be Prepared – Setting up your media pages
  10. Just Do It – Everyday! – Doing something small but important everyday.