Vapur Anti-Bottle

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Vapur has revolutionised the water bottle and sequentially called itself The Anti-Bottle.

This radical change of the water bottle has delivered great things. The Vapur® Anti-Bottle® is the ‘coolest’ and most functional reusable bottle around! 🙂 It is freezable, foldable, attachable and identifiable, not to mention completely practicable, fashionable and totally affordable! It is also BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Cool Grey’ Review
‘This is by far the coolest product I have had to review. I have been reviewing the ‘Cool Grey’ Vapur® Anti-Bottle® for at least two weeks now and it is brilliant! It is a completely practical design but where I particularly found it beneficial was when I was playing golf. Walking 18 holes is thirsty work but with the Vapur® Anti-Bottle® hanging off my golf bag and easily accessible I wasn’t so thirsty. I found it to be much more accessible than a regular water bottle which I would normally use.’

‘Hot Pink’ Review
‘I’m pretty sure I have used this Anti-Bottle everyday since receiving it for review. I loved that I could hook it to the outside of my handbag therefore not getting any condensation in my bag which sometimes cause my belonging to be wet. My second favourite spot for the Vapur® Anti-Bottle® was attached to the trolley while doing my grocery shopping. It was convenient especially with a toddler who randomly asks for water!’


On my handbag and ready to go - not to be forgotten!

‘Orange’ Review
‘I thought the quality of the carabiner clip was excellent and made the Vapur® Anti-Bottle® completely convenient to take anywhere without the worry of it falling off or breaking. I particularly like that the design is foldable, as it takes up just about no room when empty. When mine was empty I put in it the middle console of the car, that way I never forgot to take it out ready for what tomorrow may bring.’

‘Cyan Blue’ Review
‘I took my Vapur® Anti-Bottle® to work everyday. I freeze the water overnight and have cold water throughout the day. The bottle expands as you fill it so there is not fiddling to get it to expand, it has a sturdy base once full and it is not going to topple over while putting the lid on.’

Hanging in the freezer, in preparation for work tomorrow!

‘Purple’ Review
‘I used my Vapur® Anti-Bottle® at the beach while on holiday. The pop top design with lid meant I didn’t get any sand in my water and I found the 500ml size a comfortable size and weight to carry around with my other items. Once I drank all my water, I rolled it up and put it in my pocket and attached the carabiner clasp to the loop in my short because I really didn’t want to lose this nifty ‘water bottle’.

With this transformation of the traditional ridged bottle has come great things and one of the most important in my eyes, is the positive environmental impact Vapur is making, and the future impact potential of saving Australia from millions of plastic bottles entering landfill or our beautiful oceans. The graphic below shows the massive difference in oil consumption to transport ridged bottles verse the Vapur® Anti-Bottle®. Also, Vapur has joined the 1% For The Planet program, giving a portion of all Vapur sales to water-related causes.

Vapur® Anti-Bottle® is on Facebook and Twitter!

We'd love you to share this!Share on FacebookPin on PinterestTweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInPrint this pageEmail this to someone