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Emerson from Wilde Organics has produced a wonderful product created from passion and motivation. E’lustorious Shea is a powerful, yet delicate mixture of unrefined raw shea butter and organic cold pressed coconut oil. E’lustorious Shea is specifically made for those of us who suffer from relentless dry skin, and it's also great for pregnant women. It doesn’t just stop there though, this product easily expands to those who enjoy natural products, products that do not contain any chemicals, and brilliantly, it is organic vegan friendly. The beneficial properties of natural shea butter have been known for centuries, helping those who suffer from: Eczema, Rashes, Wrinkles, Dry skin, Stretch marks, Chapped lips, Burns and Scar prevention, to name a few. Combine those benefits with the natural healing properties of coconut oil and you end up with a versatile product known as E’lustorious Shea, a lovely product that must be tried!

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I enjoyed trying E’lustorious as I have extremely dry hand as my job requires me to wash my hands almost every couple of minutes, I put it on every morning and night and that’s all I need to keep my hands maintained to a nice natural look again, not dry and rough. The Shea butter melts in my hands while I rub it in and its an experience on its own, the texture in my hands felt luxurious but when it was rubbed in my hands felt like velvet. I fell in love with this product after the first day.
I liked how the smell, which is the natural ingredient smell, was almost what I would call unisex, it’s a versatile product that can be used my both men and women without either thinking it to be either to feminine or too masculine. The smell didn’t last too long as there are no chemicals or perfumes in E’lustorious Shea but the initial physiological responses from my body was the feeling of the product and the smell, and I loved them both.
After using E’lustorious for a few days I got adventurous and started using it everywhere after my shower, obviously it is a product that can be used anywhere on your skin, but because of my dry hands that the first point of call I wanted to test out, however after using it over my body and arms and giving it a few minutes to dry, I felt soft and satiny everywhere. It actually relaxed me before bed as I felt lovely and smelt even better!
Thank you Wilde Organics for giving us the opportunity to review this product, I was extremely happy with E'lustorious Shea!

Wilde organics’ website gives great information on benefits of both the Shea butter and coconut oil used in their product.
E’Lustorious Shea Body Butter only contains 2 natural ingredients; Raw Unrefined Shea Butter

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