Zaggora Hot Pants

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Fold Over HotPants boost your calorie burn with ThermoFit Technology and a sleek new design.

These HotPants that we received from Zaggora are a revolution for your workout. Zaggora’s signature fabric technology gets you hot, increasing calorie burn, but now a new, super-comfortable adjustable Lycra waistband supports and covers you up so you can look great too. They also feature ventilating fabric between the legs to keep you fresh. They've done extensive research to produce these hotwear pants and the proof is in all the testimonials they have on their website! Now it's our turn to test out these pants and give you our opinion if these pants work.

Thermofit technology

Thermo Fit

The first thing I noticed about the Zaggora hot pants was how great they looked, very stylish. The material was a lot stronger, heavier than ordinary workout pants so you could see immediately that there was something special about these pants. Once I put them on they felt very comfortable and supportive but not restrictive at all. I did a half hour workout on the treadmill alternating between fast walking and short burst runs. This is the workout I normally do but I noticed a difference with the Zaggora pants. My body heat, not only on my legs was higher than normal. I could feel myself sweating on my legs after the workout and I kept the pants on for a further half an hour after the workout and I continuned to feel the heat. When I took off the pants my thighs and legs were red, the blood had come to the surface. This was good to see, I knew I was still burning calories well after the workout!


And that's what the pants claim to do – heat you up more so you burn more calories. You know you are sweating but the pants actually draw the moisture away from the skin so you don't feel soaked. The one thing that was a little off putting was the sound the fabric made as it rubbed together, although this did diminish after washing them a few times.
There's a few things you should know, they are only to be washed by hand – easy to wash though.
The price here in Australia is $110.00 a pair – expensive, yes, but worth it? I say yes. After testing theses pants for about five weeks I have to say they live up to all the hype. They definitely make you HOT!!!


Zaggora have a wonderful reputation for their workout gear. There are numerous videos on YouTube you can watch to get a very well balanced idea of the way these pants work and the results that people have achieved by wearing them when working out. Of course if you're after weight loss then there's simply no one miracle, what you eat and how much of it you eat are always going to be the major factors. But when you're serious about it, using these pants to increase the loss is highly recommended. They are stylish, durable and comfortable too!

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