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Bad Financial Patterns You Can Break

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  Breaking Poor Financial Patterns – The top 5 worst offenders We all have bad habits, especially when it comes to finances. Anyone who thinks that they don’t most likely haven’t looked at him/herself enough. I’m no exception to the rule, I have often found myself making excuses to cover poor planning skills or lack of organisation (I forgot about that! I don’t have a working vehicle, how…

Live Off One Income

Can We Live Off One Income?

  Determining whether you can afford to live off of one income There are many reasons that you might be thinking about life on one income.…

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What if I lose my job?

    If you ever have uncertainty in your job then you’ll no doubt be feeling anxious and stressed. How are you going to pay the…

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Simplifying Backwards is Easier

  Clear your slate. When we think about simplifying, we usually think about subtraction. Getting rid of excess stuff. Clearing away obligations. Deleting old emails. We…

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Homemade hand sanitiser

Homemade hand sanitiser recipes that could help protect against coronavirus KSai23/Shutterstock Shobana Dissanayeke, Royal Holloway and James McEvoy, Royal Holloway To slow the spread of coronavirus…

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A Happier You

  It’s simply this: enjoy the habit. That might seem obvious to some of you, but you’d be surprised how many people try to force themselves…

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