10 Easy Veges to Grow

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Gardening is a great hobby, and a passion of a growing number of people, but sometimes it can be hard to decide where to start for beginners. Do you dive right in, or slowly experiment? How do you know which vegetables are the best to plant? This article is going to overview ten of the best vegetables to start out gardening with, those that are really likely to actually give you a yield – even in your first year!


Basil both looks and smells delicious, and makes a great additive to several types of cooking. One of the best things about how easy basil is to grow? You can grow it inside if you’d like, so long as it can still get enough sun.


Like tomatoes (see below), capsicum is available for planting from either seeds or from a pre-planted pot at a nursery. It’s a colourful and notable addition to soups, salads, and even certain meat dishes like kebabs.


Carrots are famously simple to start a vegetable garden with. Simply decide whether you’ll be planting directly into the dirt, or obtain a small pot, check the area for rocks, and plant! Rocks are the biggest obstacle to growing carrots, because they can interrupt the growth and result in misshapen (albeit edible) veggies, but even they don’t make it impossible to grow this very easy vegetable!

You’ll know your carrots are finished when you start to see their tops, rather than just the leafy greens. At this point you can pretty much harvest at will.


Cucumbers are easy to grow. So easy in fact, that you need to be careful that you don’t let them take over your garden! So long as you keep their size in mind, and plant after the last frost, cucumbers are ideal for beginning your garden.

Green Beans

Green beans are another easy plant to contend with. Broad beans, as opposed to string beans, are the most recommended to start with (because they require very little equipment or management), but any type of green bean is really going to be easy to deal with and fun to freeze.


Lettuce is a staple in many a vegetable garden, making home-grown salad a reality is too tempting to pass up for most. Lettuce also comes in a variety of types, from head lettuce to leaf lettuce and more, offering you the chance to really mix things up. Planting every two weeks will space the yields out enough that your lettuce won’t go bad while more grows!


Radishes can be planted in either spring or in autumn, and are another easy to grow plant recommended for those taking up gardening. Once the seeds are planted, it’s a mere task of tending them, and before you’ll know it you’ll have an easy add to salad or other meals, and a healthy one at that!


Technically a variety of lettuce, spinach bears noting all on its own. On top of being easy to grow, spinach is good for you with its high levels of iron. It’s also easy to add it to different foods, from a breakfast omelette to a supper soup and more, and what’s more? It grows continuously, so you get a decent yield every time you plant it!

Summer Squash

Squash is easy to grow and grows a lot. The name of the game here is management. You will be getting a lot of squash even from a single plant, so make sure you plan accordingly to avoid waste. The only real enemy to squash growth is wind, wind tends to disrupt it from reaching its full 8-10 inch potential, so squash needs to be protected in some regards. Other than that, it’s just as easy as those listed above, and very effective!


Tomatoes are versatile in use, they’re easy to grow, and they save a lot of money. You can plant tomatoes from seed, or purchase them as young plants, but either way they are easy to grow and delicious! Tomatoes are also one of the most satisfying fruits to sample when your garden is ready to harvest, what can’t you use one in!




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