10 Pinterest Tips for Small Business

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Pinterest has become the next big thing in terms of marketing and promoting any small business in the social networking platform. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, small business owners are now creating Pinterest accounts to promote their products or services to certain niches of people whose interests are related with the products and services that they are trying to sell. Here are some tips to succeed in small business promotion using Pinterest.

  1. Create images that serve as information sources, such as charts and tables. Be sure to keep the images colorful and interesting to maintain a visually-attractive medium that would easily appeal to users.
  2. You can make sure that you maintain user-generated content by having a guest board. This will allow other people who are interested in your respective niche to interact with you. Holding contests can also attract more followers and increase traffic towards your small business blog or website.
  3. Use videos just as much as you pin images. Videos are great media for announcements, news, interviews, and other YouTube clips related to your small business.
  4. Keep your photos vibrant and eye-catching to get a higher likelihood of getting “repinned”.
  5. Post photos of your e-book or book covers if ever you have authored one. If you do, previewing a free chapter or a few lines can brew up some interest from readers.
  6. If you conduct presentations, seminars, discussions or lectures in relation to your small business, be sure to post a couple of pins regarding these materials. Those who have heard of your presentations are likely to engage in comments and repinning, while those who haven’t may be interested enough to request for material. It is a good idea to provide free previews or sample presentations to give the audience a taste of the real thing.
  7. If you are running a small business with other people, be sure to create posts about the whole team. Posting about your personal stories, interests, experiences, and hobbies can help in adding up to the personalization of your Pinterest account. Prospective clients are more interested with real people interactions than automated responses.
  8. Customer boards, like the ‘Products We Have Reviewed‘ board from Aussie Product Review, are a great idea to increase the involvement of your prospective consumer base. Introducing members of the team or employees of the small business will pave the way for a more intimate and realistic relationship with your clients, which can contribute to the loyalty of your clients to your small business.
  9. Take time to pin a coupon graphic to a respective board. Be sure to include details of the products and/or services on the description part. People love good deals and discounts. This method can increase consumer traffic.
  10. Make a FAQ post. This will make answering the questions from prospective clients easier. In a way, you do not need to reply over and over again regarding repeated questions. However, be sure to still have ample interaction and engagement to your clients so that you can gain their following, trust, and loyalty.

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