10 Ways to Save Money on Your Car

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Nobody likes to waste their money, at least nobody on Money Savvy Mums! Well there are a number of ways to reduce the money we spend every week to keep our cars running.

Here’s 10 to get you started.

  1. Make sure your wheel alignment is correct and the brakes aren’t dragging, these can both result in using more fuel than you need.
  2. Check what you’re carrying in your car. Things like golf clubs, weights and toolboxes can all add unnecessary weight, which increases fuel consumption.
  3. If your car has an economy mode use it to ensure the transmission up-shifts earlier.
  4. Roof racks increase wind resistance and therefore your fuel consumption. If you can, remove them when you’re not using them and when you are load them properly to reduce wind resistance.
  5. Does your home have two or more cars? Try to use the more fuel efficient one wherever possible.
  6. If you have cruise control – use it.
  7. Change your engine oi regularly and always use the correct grade of oil as recommended by the manufacturer.
  8. If you can, avoid driving in peak hour and heavy traffic conditions and also avoid idling the engine for long periods.
  9. Don’t have the air conditioning running all the time, have the windows down as much as possible when it’s comfortable to do so.
  10. Run errands in one trip – cold engines use more fuel so doing everything you need to do in one trip, rather than several short trips will not only save you time but money!



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