100 Kids Snacks




Here is a fun list of 100 kids snack recipes from around the web.


DIY energy and granola bars are easy to make and are a great way to save money. They use healthy ingredients and they taste amazing, the kids will love them!

Breakfast Snacks

These double as breakfast on the go or delicious snacks. if you are anything like me then you crave breakfast all day long!

Cookies (healthy ones)

Crackers + Crunch

Fruity Snacks

Berries and sliced fruit and fruit salads are great in the lunchbox.

Muffins and Healthy Cakes

Nuts and Seeds



Savoury Bites

Shakes and Smoothies

A great way to have a cold smoothie for your snack is to freeze it overnight and let it thaw throughout the day. Make sure you use a freezer safe container and you leave room for expansion!

Spreads and Dips 

Kids and adults love dips. Pack organic nut and seed butters or make your own! Dips, spreads and sauces make fruits and veggies more tempting and they add some sustain to your snack.

Veggie Snacks

Keep containers full of sliced and prepped veggies for grab and go snacks and lunches.


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