15 Ways to Re-use Content

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The information you create for your website, blog or other marketing efforts can be reused effectively over and over again to inform different audiences and attract more people to your website. The first step is to keep every piece of content you write – never delete or trash anything you write! Keep it in a folder if you don’t want to use it anymore – that way in a years time you have an abundance of information you can edit to create new and exciting blog entries, web content etc.

Not everyone will read your piece of well written information if you only post it once, you must market this information as you would market the business itself – over and over again to create a branding for yourself. Of course you can change the content to suit the medium. Remember not everyone uses the same media to access information – use a collection of ways to reach your customers.

Here are 15 easy ways to reuse your content

  1. Post the content on your blog – make sure you link all your social media to this post  to extend its first reach.
  2. Make a slide show or video of the content to post on your website, blog and again promote through your social networks like Youtube.
  3. Submit the content to other blogs as a guest blogger. and linking back to your website.
  4. Add a link to the content in your email correspondence.
  5. Use the content in your newsletter.
  6. Use the information as fodder for use on forums with links to the full content and your website.
  7. Allow the content to be downloaded in PDF. from your website.
  8. When you have a good amount of published blogs collect them into an ebook and distribute for free.
  9. Could you use you content to hold a webinar or conference?
  10. Repackage your blog posts and create a business book for your market. Sell as an ebook.
  11. Mix and match your blog content to create articles for other sites.
  12. Use the content already used on your website as blog posts, then link the post to your products page.
  13. Reuse press releases and product reviews as blog posts. Make the content interesting to read though!
  14. Use comments from your blog on your website and use your social media outlets to promote them.
  15. Create an email autoresponder series (or eCourse) from your previous blogs or information from your website.

We’ll have more reuse tips for your content in the future so keep tuned and get to work on reusing your content.

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