20 Easy Ways to Save Money Immediately

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  1. One night a week turn off all the lights in the house and use candles and torches, lanterns. Relaxing and so much fun for the kids!
  2. Unplug all of the non essential electrical appliances when not in use. This easy trick can save you a lot of money over the years.
  3. Always hang your laundry outside in the sun. Your laundry will be whiter, smell cleaner and cost you way less than using a dryer – use a portable drying rack for quick loads.
  4. Buy laundry powder in bulk from Big W, K-mart or Bunnings etc or better still, make your own.
  5. Buy what you can in no name brands. Sugar, flours, salt, pepper, dried herbs, sauces etc. You’ll have significant savings without noticing any difference in quality.
  6. Buy seasonal fruit and veges from your local markets before buying from supermarkets.
  7. Always turn the lights off when you leave a room. This adds up to big savings.
  8. Do all your washing of clothes in cold water.
  9. Keep a container in the kitchen sink and clean dishes by hand as you use them. Use the dishwasher only if it is full.
  10. Invest in a slow cooker or use your own more regularly to cook cheaper cuts of meat and create delicious dinners.
  11. Consider upgrading your older appliances for newer models as the newer models are more energy efficient and will save you money on utilities.
  12. Try shopping at ALDI and Costco when you can to make substantial savings on your grocery bill.
  13. If you can grow anything to eat then do! Try herbs, potatoes, pumpkins and tomatoes first as they are easy to grow.
  14. Cook your favourite meals in bulk and freeze in serving size containers for your ‘take away’ night. Consider curries, burrito mix, casseroles etc.
  15. One night a week try to only eat what’s leftover in the freezer or fridge. Make a soup, casserole, curry or pies.
  16. Eat any leftover dinner for lunch the next day if you can.
  17. Don’t buy takeaway coffee – make it at home and use a thermos.
  18. Take your lunch to work.
  19. Try making homemade pet food – Find one your pets will love. Or stretch bought food with boiled vegetables and leftovers.
  20. Only stock up on items that are on sale at  the supermarket if you use them!




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