Promotional Calendar Advice


A promotional calendar is a way to organise your marketing efforts throughout the year. It allows you to see when certain events are happening and if they will benefit or clash with your marketing plans. You can clearly see, month by month what you need to do for your marketing and make changes if necessary.

The calendar can be started from ‘scratch’ or you can use your past years income and expense records. What are your best and worst months for sales? Why do sales drop? Work your way through the calendar placing goals at strategic times.

The promotional calendar is excellent for keeping track of your marketing budget and helps you target your customers with precision, saving you time and effort and money.

You can use a normal calendar for this exercise or generate one on the computer. Just make sure you have enough room to add the data you need and to be able to read it clearly. You can add the costs of the event and the results here too for an easy way to see if the events were productive.

Start by highlighting all the scheduled events that happen throughout the year, Valentines Day, Australia Day, Mother’s day, Easter, Father’s Day, Labour Day, Christmas Day, School holidays, New Years Day etc. If these events bring in business for you then organising your marketing a few weeks before the event is a good idea. Mark in the tradeshows, network meetings, conferences etc that you intend to attend.

There are some times throughout the year when small business sales drop. These include around the end of June when taxation takes precedence over everything. A notable slump can also happen after the Christmas sales and again after the January sales for small business.

Awareness Days/Weeks You can find a good list of events here are those days/weeks such as ovarian cancer awareness week etc. If you can use these to increase awareness to the cause through your business then consider contacting them for advice.

Use our 100 Promote Me Tip You Can Try to help you with your marketing ideas.

Finally display your promotional calendar in a conspicuous position in your home or office and use a monthly display so you don’t miss upcoming events.

This could be the most important step you take in controlling your marketing and generating greater profits.