How to save $1000 quickly
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Here’s 5 Ways You Can Save an Extra $1000

What about giving them all a try and saving an extra $5000 in 12 months?

Let’s take an average family of four spending about $250.00 a week on groceries at one of the major supermarkets. That’s a total of $13,000.00 for the year. How can we save and reduce this amount?

Make a Grocery List Before You Go

This is the quintessential way to save money when you go to the grocery shop. Making a list of what you need for a week or month and sticking to that list can easily save you at least $1000 over 12 months!

  • It’s not hard to trim $20 off the food bill every week – consider only buying meat on special and planning meals based on those purchases.
  • Don’t buy cleaning products that you can easily make at home.
  • Invest in a slow cooker or use your own more regularly to cook cheaper cuts of meat and create delicious dinners.
  • Cook your favourite meals in bulk and freeze in serving size containers for your ‘take away’ night. Consider curries, burrito mix, casseroles etc.
  • One night a week try to only eat what’s leftover in the freezer or fridge. Make a soup, casserole, curry or pies.

Find 20 More Ways to reduce the Bill here.

Taking Your Own Lunch

Taking your own lunch every day to work or Uni isn’t free but it does save you a ton of money.

  • In fact you could probably save over $1000 a year if you didn’t buy your lunch out regularly.
  • Think about it – buying a sandwich or a burger and a drink probably would cost about $6 and that’s being conservative. If you spent $5 a day, 5 days a week then you would spend $1250 on lunch per year. Now that doesn’t include any coffees or cakes and snacks! What do you actually spend when you eat out for lunch? Work out your weekly lunch costs and then times that by 50 to get your yearly average.
  • Taking your own lunch doesn’t have to be boring either – the easiest way is to cook a little more dinner than normal and take the leftovers for lunch the next day or if you want to mix it up a little, freeze the leftovers and take them next week so you don’t feel like you’re eating the same thing. You could also make quiches to take, sandwiches and your own snacks to save even more.
  • An added advantage to taking your lunches is that they are probably much healthier than the lunches you might be buying. You could easily stick to a nutritious diet and even lose weight and feel healthier .

Also it’s not just about food – you’ll have more money to pay those bills and that will reduce your stress levels.

Have you thought about house swapping? It’s a super simple way to save at least $1000!

House swapping is fast becoming the chosen way to holiday as it’s FUN and it’s FREE. You could save thousands of dollars for every week away, and you get to live with the locals, in a real home – with all the comfort and convenience that brings.

However, house swapping isn’t right for everyone. Some people love it and do it often because it allows them to experience faraway places without having to pay for hotels, restaurants or, in many cases, transportation (the use of the family car is included in many house swaps). It’s also a great way to live and experience the life of a local community, since the exchange partner will often leave information about the area and introduce the holidayers to neighbours.

However, some travellers are turned off by having to cook and clean on their holiday, while others feel uneasy about having strangers living in their own homes so it’s a way you can save on holiday but it’s also a very individual choice.

Using reputable companies ensures you’ll have a great experience and they make the process so easy!
Try checking out Aussie House Swap or House Swap Holidays

I’ve come up with a saving challenge that I think is achievable and realistic for most people and it only takes your left over gold coins to do it!

Most of us end up with a bunch of gold coins in our purse at the end of every week anyway so this challenge makes a point of saving those coins and using them to create an extra savings source that will yield you that elusive $1000 you might need at the end of the year for Christmas goodies or the like!

You simply start on any Monday and save a two dollar coin into a jar or bowl (somewhere where the kids can’t access it) on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Then you  add two two dollars coins or four dollars into the jar on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then on Sunday add another two dollar coin.

Repeat this every week and if you can add even more stray gold coins when you can to make the savings even higher. This gives you a saving of at least $20 per week for 50 weeks which tallies up to a nice $1000!

Remember to save this money in a safe place that perhaps is out of general site to visitors



Setting up an automated savings plan of $20 per week will get your over the $1000 mark effortlessly in 12 months. Remember the $20 you cut off your grocery bill above? Well, here’s where it can go!

This plan takes $20 of your pay each week before you even see it! That way you basically have to budget on what is left and you have taken care of yourself first and now don’t have to plan a saving thing!

  • It’s simple to do. Setting this up only takes about 5–10 minutes and can be done totally online.
  • It’s done. Once you’ve set it up you simply forget about it and the savings take care of themselves.
  • Your savings keep growing. So now, every week $20 transfers directly to your new savings account. The amount continues to grow as long as you allow it.
  • Achieving that $1000 saving. You will now reach your financial goals easily. Whatever your goal is with the $1000 you are going to save this automated savings plan can get you there.

Christmas funds are set up the same way and if your bank still offers an account like those then it’s a great way to go, why? because with a ‘Christmas’ type of fund you can only deposit into the account and can’t withdraw any of the money until a certain date! If that makes you uneasy then just open a normal savings account and set up the automatic transfer.



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