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Writing your own sales material can be a beneficial exercise and also an easy way to save money. The following tips will help you to write material worth publishing.

When writing a sales letter it should follow these basic guide-lines and tips.

  • The headline must be written first and it must be perfect! You want to attract the reader’s attention. Don’t just write one but keep writing them until you hit upon the one that works. Remember to enclose your headline in inverted commas, if you choose. Use the word ‘you’ when writing sales letters.
  • Make your text interesting to look at so the reader’s eye is drawn to follow and read on. Don’t bore the reader with uninteresting fonts. You must stimulate the reader’s interest with the content of the letter. They must feel as if they would like to have what you are offering.
  • Stirring a desire in the reader is the next step. They must feel that they need the product or service you are offering them. Ask yourself whether your target reader is buying for logical reasons or emotional reasons. Use this information to stir that target.
  • The last step is to encourage the reader to take the necessary action needed to buy your product or get in contact with you for more information. If the objective of your letter is to get the person to fill out an enclosed form then you must tell them to do it!

Increasing sales through your advertising can be as simple as asking a question. “Do you want to Save Money?” This gets a response of “yes” then they will read on to find out how. You can also tell your customers something “We are 30% Cheaper than our Competition this Month!”

Facebook is a great place to advertise your business and products – use the tips on this page to increase your chances of selling your products online!

Your headline should be aimed at your customers needs. “Needs” can include health, status, convenience, safety, saving money, making money, saving time and effort etc. Catching people’s attention in the headline of your advertising is crucial. This then gives you the chance to briefly state why, who, where and how. Why are you cheaper, who and where you are and how they can get the deal or contact you.

Study successful companies ads in the weekend newspapers and on websites and use their layouts and ideas to create your own successful advertisement.

Positioning your ads online and in magazines can bring different results. Ads positioned at the beginning of the magazine generally bring better results than ads in the last pages. This is because readers can tend to put the magazine down before they have read the entire contents.

The best position for an ad less than a full page is the top, right hand side of the right hand page.

Take a look in the yellow pages and notice the ads in this position. Our eye is drawn to this position in the yellow pages, online, books and magazines.

In the magazine you should also have your ad among the magazine copy rather than among other advertisements.

Try to have the ad positioned in the top, right hand corner of the right hand page in the section which relates to your trade or service. This can sometimes be a hard task as smaller businesses don’t usually have any say over where on the page the ad will be placed, but try it!

Lead generating ads can give you a good mailing list of potential customers and also they are a good guage of how your advertising is working. A lead generating advertisement encourages the reader to write, phone or visit the website for more, usually free information on a product or service. Those who do contact you want to know more and this gives you the opportunity to sell to them.

Lead generating ads often ask the consumer a question. Eg: “Do you want to save hundreds of dollars per year?” They must tell the reader to act in some way. “Ring within the next seven days for a free trial!”

These ads usually have a better response than other ads because the reader doesn’t have to spend money straight away and can make an informed decision at a later date.

Use these methods to choose the best value advertising position for your business, whether it be a small online newsletter or your local free magazines and papers.





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