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I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m doing lately, and asking myself an important question: do I like what I’m doing? Am I motivated by what I’m doing? What’s driving my current goals, what I need to do or what I WANT to do?

These are the types of questions we often shy away from. Sometimes our lives just aren’t that exciting, and they don’t always have to be, but there should be something that you’re doing that you’re truly excited about always.

I’m passionate about this website, my research, and even my blogging. I love being able to reach out and interact with those around me, and I know with everything inside me that it is what I am meant to be doing. I’m in my fifties and I’m excited about working every day, and while I do feel lucky about it, I also feel like more people can feel this way!

In my business I hear from a lot of people from different walks of life. There’s a lot of things that can bog us down over time, and I see all kinds. But the truth is, the number one factor that unites a lot of unhappy people is the fact that they’re just not doing something they’re excited about.

I think they deserve more, and I think you do too! By taking the time to hear people out, and encouraging them to ask just a few questions, I’ve found ways of encouraging people to move on to doing things they’re passionate about – not just surviving.

This may seem daunting at first, and I realise I’m asking you to step outside of the norm. But do you know what? A lot of the things you wish you were doing right now are likely “not normal” for you, so stepping out of your comfort zone steps you closer to finding them! And I want that for you.

To get started, take a moment and pull out two pieces of paper. On the first piece of paper write “what I’m doing now that I like”. Take some time and make that list. Maybe you’re already being a great mom, working to advance, or trying your best to be better. Maybe you aren’t sure yet. Whatever you put down, head the next page “What I’d like to be doing that I’m not yet”. Make this list completely non-judgmentally. And then ask yourself, why aren’t you doing those things?

There are plenty of reasons, but those reasons are all too often excuses we make for ourselves to save ourselves the extra time and effort that it can take to live our passions. I’m not saying the bathroom doesn’t have to be cleaned, Lord knows we all have housework, but I am saying by sitting and planning what else you’d like to do with your day you will end up feeling a lot more fulfilled.

So take these two lists, and really think about them. If you’d like, involve a coach of your own in making a plan to start to make them the same list. The goal here is to include more things you’d like to do in the life you’re currently living, and it is an achievable goal!

And always ask yourself, are you passionate about the things in your life right now? If you’re not, it’s time to change it! YOU are in the driver’s seat here, and you can control where that car goes next. So don’t give up, get excited!



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