Saving Money in BathroomsYou’d be surprised how much money you can save in the bathroom alone. Here’s 10 simple ideas to get you started and some interesting tips below to save you even more money!

1. Use a water saving/low flow shower head
2. Don’t leave the tap running while brushing teeth
3. When your shampoo and conditioner are two thirds full, fill the remainder with water, shake well to incorporate thoroughly. Try adding a teaspoon of bicarb of soda to your shampoo and ditch the conditioner.
4. Don’t flush the toilet when you pee. The old saying “If It’s Yellow Let it Mellow, if it’s Brown Flush it Down” has been around for ages. Good for the night time and when you haven’t got guests of course!
5. Use foaming pump bottles – they use a minimum of your precious liquid soap (about 2cm) added with water.
6. Use hand towels only in the day and large towels after you shower. You don’t have to change large towels daily as you are clean when you exit the shower.
7. Check out bulk toilet paper – it will save you a fortune! I buy the Mr President or Mrs Particular toilet paper from here.
8. Clean the toilet with baking soda and vinegar. Cheap and effective. Make some Toilet Barrier Spray and use for freshness. You can also make your own room spray from these Scented Linen Spray recipes.
9. Use homemade cleaners, they are so much better for you and your family. There’s a bunch of recipes to try below.
10. Skip the mainstream grocery stores for your bathroom supplies. Try GroceryRun and Kogan first.

Ready to have fun while still saving your money?

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