The key to saving money in the bedroom is to shop around for great deals. Never buy anything full price, wait until the sales are on, check online for deals and wait until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Buying good quality blankets, blankets that are easy to launder, sheets that will last years and are comfortable to sleep on and quilts that are right for your winter climate are all ways to be savvy on spending in the bedroom.

Remember style isn’t about how much something has cost you, it’s about the way it looks and serves it’s purpose – you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great looking bedroom.



1. I have found that ‘Minky Blankets’ are the best valued blankets by far to have. They wash easily and dry quickly, are stain resistant, light weight but warm and they feel so soft! You can buy minky fabric and sew your own custom sized blankets too. I do have pure wool blankets but they don’t measure up to my minky!
2. Bedside lamps only need low wattage bulbs. Don’t waste money by using high wattage bulbs and ceiling lights when you’re reading.
3. Use a thermal fabric sheet for the bottom sheets of beds. It reflects your body heat and you wont need an electric blanket to keep warm. Ask at Spotlight.
4. Have a switch that turns off all the appliances in your bedroom – leaving none on standby power.
5. Let the sun in to heat the bedroom throughout the day and close windows and curtains as soon as the sun is off them to retain the heat. Leave the windows open in summer for cooling breezes.



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