Save Money in The Dining AreaThe dining room can take a lot of punishment over the years with family dinners, kids parties and wear and tear on the furniture and carpet. It’s worth protecting your investments in this room as replacing dining tables and chairs and carpet is far more expensive than protecting what you already have.

Buying furniture that is ‘family friendly’ or furniture that you don’t mind getting that scratched and aged look over the years is something to consider when purchasing at the beginning.

Below are a few ideas to help you save some money in the dining area!

  • You might also be able to give your chairs a makeover by purchasing covers and saving yourself the hassle of buying new chairs.
  • Consider repainting or restaining a dining table to give it a fresh new look.
  • Buy your own style fabric and edge it to create custom table cloths or runners and placemats.
  • Place a BBQ caddy in the centre of the table with everything your family needs for dinner including knives and forks. Add the placemats and you’ll save a lot of time when it comes to dinner time and setting the table.
  • Have a purpose tablecloth for activities for the kids, heavy duty!



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