egg_line_growSaving money in the kitchen is an endless task. Over the course of time you can learn how to save quite a lot of money in the kitchen by buying, storing, cleaning and cooking economically. We’ll guide you in doing this by giving you 15 instant tips to get started.


1. Clean glass jars and plastic food containers and reuse to store leftovers, lunches etc instead of buying new containers.
2. Use homemade counter wipes and cleaning spray – this will save you a lot of money alone.
3. Catch the water from the tap in a bowl and use on your pot plants. Great idea when you’re waiting for the hot water to come through.
4. Buy generics. This works best for things like rice, flour, milk, eggs etc. However, there are many other items where the difference in taste and quality is negligible, while the difference in price is high. Experiment to find out what you like.
5. Buy items such as the staples in bulk. Check the unit price, item shelf life, and whether or not you actually need as much as you plan to purchase.
6. Try not to waste anything, this can take practice but you’ll master it quickly. Plan your menu and buy only what you need. With any leftovers mix and match your meals near the end of the week, or get creative by adding bits and pieces of leftovers to the meals you are making. This works well for stir fries, casseroles, soups and many other meals.
7. If you can cut about $30 off your monthly grocery bill (That’s only a $1 a day) you’ll have an extra $360 to pay bills at the end of the year, easy.
8. Always make a list before you do the shopping. Online shopping is great when you can access all the specials immediately and keep track of what you’re spending, factor in the delivery costs though!
9. Use vegetable scraps (broccoli stalks, celery greens, cauliflower bits etc) to make vegetable stock for soups and casseroles. Freeze the stock until you are ready to use.
10. Skip the mainstream grocery stores for your kitchen supplies. Try GroceryRun and Kogan first.
11. Use packet sauces instead of jars – way cheaper!
12. Use the cheapest condensed soups for flavouring bakes and casseroles.
13. Put oil into a spray bottle instead of buying spray can oil.
14. Mash up baked beans/beans to bulk up bolognese etc
15. Make a bulk white sauce mix and keep in the fridge for a quick leftover vege cheese bake.

Bulk White Sauce Base
5 Cups plain flour
2 Cups powdered milk
1/2 Cup cornflour
Mix well and store in airtight container.  To use:  Combine 1/3 Cup white sauce mix with 2 Cups milk. Put into a saucepan and whisk while heating until it thickens.  Add salt, pepper, and other spices/cheese to taste.

Ready to have fun while still saving your money?

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