Saving money in the laundry is super easy and fun, yes fun! You can make your own washing detergents, fabric softener crystals and pre wash stain removers for a fraction of the costs of store bought ones and you wont be subjecting your family to any harsh chemicals and preservatives.

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We’ve included a bunch of recipes below for all kinds of laundry cleaners, all of them are really easy to make and it’s worth giving them a try before dismissing them, believe me they are worth it! Try a few of the recipes and find ones that suit you and your family.

As with any of our homemade cleaning recipes it is up to you to determine if they are safe to use with your family, as some people are sensitive to different ingredients.

You can use the same scents throughout your recipes and turn your laundry room into a beautiful place to be.

Quick Tips: Add 1/2 teaspoon of lavender oil to the final rinse of your laundry for a fresh scent.

Buy a bag of washing soda, divide your current washing powder in half and add 1/2 the bag of washing soda to each half of washing powder. Now your powder will go twice as far!



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