The lounge or living room is usually the most used room in the house by all the family. You can spend hours watching TV, playing games, entertaining or just lounging! Keeping this room fresh, clean and economical can be a challenge so we’ve come up with some great ideas that wont cost you the earth.

Keep your lounge room healthy but regularly dusting and vacuuming contaminants from the carpets and other surfaces.



1. Keep a light blanket or two in the living room so people can snuggle on the lounge without the need for extra heating. I use a few minky blankets in winter!
2. Make sure all the appliances are plugged into an energy saving power board that is switched off every night to save power and keep the house safe.
3. Deodorise your living room easily by making our scented room spray. Using essential oils of tea tree and lavender will not only freshen the air but kill bacteria that causes odours. Simply fill a small spray bottle with water and add about 20 drops of each of the oils and shake before each use. I also add a teaspoon of Isocol, it makes the oils mix in better and smells fresh.
4. Use energy saving light bulbs and try using a lamp in this room. They use less power and make the room feel relaxed.
5. Repaint furniture for a fresh look or wait for great sales. I picked up two free lounges from Freedom when they had their ‘buy one, get one free’ sale! I bought two lounges and got two free! Look on Ebay for large room rugs and furniture seconds.
6. Heating can be expensive so make sure you’re using the correct heating appliance for the room. If the room can be closed off then a small space heater will work well. A combustion heater is efficient and economical to run.
7. Use a handmade furniture polish to nourish your wooden furniture. This all purpose cleaner works well and clean glass with white vinegar and water, 50/50.
8. Consider ceiling fans as they are economical and can keep a room cool and comfortable.

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