Managing Your Home Folder

Having a home folder to help organise your busy home life is a MUST! We’ve made it easy for you because we’ve made all the printouts you’ll need to get started.

This folder will not only help you get organised at home but will be pivotal in your saving success – it will help you keep track of spending and help you achieve what you want in life, so it’s an important first step.

Let’s get it started now!

The first thing you need to do is buy a ring binder folder with plastic sheets. You’ll also need dividers to keep everything organised and I recommend having about ten divider tabs to start.


Did you know you can save these pdf. files onto a stick and take them to Officeworks where they’ll print them out for you? This will give you a great result and save you ink on your printer too!

You’ll find all our free printouts in the FREEBIES tab on the menu above. You can add them to your home folder as you progress. Also every post on this site can be printed out easily so please, if you see a recipe or tip that will help your family, print it out and add it to your home folder.

Step 1.

You can print out our complete starter set of Binder Printouts here . This contains the following 35 sheets and will last you years – Just remember to keep the download file so you can reuse these many times over many years or print out multiple copies for yourself.

Dates to Remember
Weekly Planning Sheet for Each Month (24)
Usernames and Passwords
Monthly Bills (2)
Important Contacts
Account Information
Vehicle Maintenance
Home Maintenance
Notes for Babysitter
Dinner and Meal Ideas
Today’s To Do List


Step 2.

Visit our  HOUSEHOLD PRINTABLES to choose which printouts you’d like to use in your home folder.  Here are some we recommend you have in your folder from the start.

Favourite Breakfasts Sheet A printout that lets you record your favourite breakfasts and where the recipes are located.

Favourite Lunches Sheet A printout that lets you record your favourite lunches and where the recipes are located.

Favourite Dinners Sheet A printout that lets you record your favourite dinners and where the recipes are located.

Shopping List A generous shopping list so you can add your groceries as they run out – keep it on the fridge!

Pantry List Our pantry list is just that – a list of many of the staples you should have in your pantry at all times so you can whip up a snack or meal in no time.

Freezer Inventory This sheet lets you keep track of what you have on hand in the freezer at all times. It saves you searching through the freezer looking for an illusive item. This saves you time and money!

7-Day Meal Planner This 7-Day Meal Planner is a must for your home folder and kitchen. It lets you plan and see at a glance what each main meal will be and there’s even a shopping list on it so you can plan ahead easily.

In my home folder I also have spaces for our favourite takeaway menus, I’ve printed out my favourite recipes and a list of our favourite meals that I can cook up without a recipe because I’ve cooked it so many times before!
There’s a space for receipts that I might need for returns and I also have a sheet of business cards from people that I’d like to use again or recommend to friends and family.

Your home folder will be a personal collection of what your family needs and I know that when you have it organised you’ll never be able to do without it again!

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