Autumn in the Australian Garden

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Autumn doesn’t have to be an idle time for gardeners. It can be a time of maintenance, and even preparation, depending on how you’ve planned your garden. Overall, it is a season of management and moving forward with your gardening plan.

This article is going to overview several activities you can do during the fall season, and tips on how to do them well.

  • Aerate the lawn to ensure it’s appropriately moist. Scatter lime over the freshly aerated areas to further enrich the soil.
  • Check for earthworms. Earthworms are a sign that your soil is already fertile. If you have them, great, but if you don’t then now is a great time to add a bit of fertilizer (leaves and cow manure work fine) to attract them.
  • Check your trees while they are bare, as this can be a great time to see close enough to the trunk to notice things like borer damage.
  • Lift evergreen perennials from the soil, dividing at the root so that they can be propagated into new freshly cared for soil.
  • Enjoy your roses, as Autumn is rose season. You can order new ones or enjoy the ones you’ve already planted and prepared.
  • Give your cymbidium orchids some sunshine to ensure they bloom apropriately in the seasons to come.
  • Plant a few small plants (only ones with tiny root systems) at the base of trees to help enrich soil.
  • Plant propagation – If you’re intending to take plant cuttings, now is the time. Banksias, bay, coastal rosemary, grevillea, and rosemary (and others) are all ready at this time.
    Cut 10 cm off of the plant, removing the leaves along the bottom and coating them in hormone powder. They are then ready for planting in new smaller containers. From there, you need only tend the seedlings until they’re strong enough to grow on their own, keeping them appropriately sheltered and moist.
  • Rake, pick up twigs, prune (all the typical maintenance tasks) and start up a healthy compost pile. You can use a garden fork to periodically turn the compost, but overall this will decompose everything on its own.
  • Take up a do-it-yourself trellis project with an old ladder and a bit of paint.
  • Trim your hedges
  • Weed, or re-weed, as necessary




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