Being Green

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The individual impact each business has on the environment is a personal one and the guidelines below allow you to choose what is best for your business to make it a ‘greener’ and safer place for you and the environment. Being green also cuts down the financial waste in your business!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This mantra has been used for years however it is only now we realise it’s true importance. In fact since the 70’s when this phrase first surfaced it seems we have gone backwards in our commitment. There seems to be more packaging, ‘throw out’ products and more commercial waste than ever! Never the less it’s a good time to start again and remember to:

  • Use cost effective equipment when choosing computers, printers and office photocopiers – check star ratings
  • Use the computers energy saving functions and turn off at the Wall at night (check you don’t automatic update at night)
  • Recycle office paper by using it as scrap, shredding for packaging, printing on both sides if possible and printing in draft mode
  • Refill ink cartridges, print in draft mode
  • Don’t use plastic bags
  • Use recycled printing paper
  • Reduce the packaging when sending products
  • Use your heating, cooling and lighting efficiently
  • Supply recycling bins in your office
  • Save files electronically, rather than printing out a hard copy
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Don’t use paper cups – use your own
  • Use your scanner or an eFax service instead of the old fax machine. Saves paper, toner and power

Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are an abbreviation of emissions of greenhouse gases. It is the energy that has to be produced that you are using in everyday life. Businesses have differing carbon emissions ranging from low (home based Internet business) to high (a manufacturer).

Calculate your business carbon emissions now

Dept. of climate change and energy efficiency




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