The Bills Are Coming!

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Don’t let bills be your surprise of the month

Households across the nation are being widely infected with a terrible sickness, a sickness that can only come from pure and utter shock that occurs when a bill is substantially more than anticipated for no apparent reason. Sometimes, this is in error, the company will correct it and the bill will go away, but this article will review the steps to take to avoid getting into the worse situation – where you’ve overspent or been hit up with hidden fees that have actually blown your bill that high.

Read the agreement you make with ANY company – start to finish, no excuses

Reading the contract is the simplest, and most overlooked, way to fully understand what the company does and does not promise you – and how much they’ll charge for their services. People frequently skip this important step when entering into legally binding agreements, and it is a huge mistake, as it often leaves you misinformed about your plans (having made assumptions rather than done research on the specific contract you’re signing up for).

Contracts contain specific details pertaining to the plans you’re selecting, including penalty fees and overage charges that can so easily contribute to exorbitant bills.

If you haven’t already, read every contract you are currently obligated under. Promise yourself you will do yourself the favor of never entering into a contract without fully reading it again. This is a critical first step in avoiding the nasty surprise that can come in the form of bill shock – you can’t be surprised by something you knew was coming.

Use data wisely

A lot of people who get data plans on their phones become enamored with the idea of checking the weather in bed, or reading up on the news without going onto the computer five feet away. This is a huge mistake, as mobile data is ALWAYS coming to you at a higher cost than local internet data. Be smart about your data use and you’ll go a long way towards saving yourself in overage charges.

Download efficiency apps

Because bill shock has happened to so many people, others have wisely developed efficiency apps to help monitor both data usage, and current bills. Downloading either of these is a great way to track your progress on avoiding bill shock, and really helps in the long term. There are two types of apps you should look for: data monitors, and program closers

We’ve talked a lot about data monitors already, but what about program closers? Did you know that a lot of the apps on your phone that connect to the internet frequently run in the background, sucking away at your data allowance without your knowledge? Program closers close all apps that are not currently active, saving that precious data for when you’re actually online.

Bill shock can be avoided, and it should be. No company should have the power to terrify and upset you, just by showing you the results of an agreement that you have entered into. Be cautious about what you sign, and monitor how you use services, to select the best plans for you – and keep those bills down.

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