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Choosing a business name is an important step in the business process. The name will reflect what you want others to see and know about your business. Your business name will distinguish your business in its field. It can tell people what your business does and who you are. Using your personal name and a descriptive term is a popular way of naming a business eg; Pete’s Car Wash.
Your business name might also be used as your domain name if you have a website so select carefully.
If you intend to add your business to directories then you might need to be positioned higher than your competitors – this might affect your business naming.
Your name should have impact and be descriptive.


  • Is it descriptive and memorable?
  • Does it reflect your brand and image?
  • Avoid obscurity – you want your customers to know what you do! Avoid rude and cute names
  • Avoid acronyms and using any part of someone else’s business name
  • Don’t limit yourself locally
  • Does it reflect and describe your business?
  • Is it easy to spell? – Domain names are best if they are.
  • Is the name appealing, does it relate to my customers?
  • Don’t spend money on marketing materials until you have the registered business name
  • Anyone can use your registered business name – Trade Marking it will solve this problem
  • Is there room for expansion in the name eg: Joe’s Press Release Services (he does copy writing now too!)

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