Business Tools

1. WishList Member

What you get with WishList Member…
Wishlist Member

WishList Member is a powerful, yet easy to use membership solution that can turn any WordPress blog into a full-blown membership site.

Just unzip and upload the plugin, and within minutes you’ll have your own membership site up and running… complete with protected, members-only content, integrated payments, member management, and so much more!

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2. Vantage

What you get with Vantage …
WordPress Business Directory Theme

Vantage is the most popular business directory theme for WordPress. It’s powerful, robust, and easy to use. That’s not all —This WordPress Business Directory Theme, Vantage, is fully responsive which means it scales perfectly on mobile devices.

Quit messing around with other directory themes that only cause headaches and hours of troubleshooting and maintenance. Vantage is simple and pain-free. Within minutes of downloading Vantage, you can create the killer directory site you’ve always dreamed of.

AppThemes Vantage - a business directory theme for WordPress


3. ZipCloud

What you get with ZipCloud …
Access Your Files Anywhere, Anytime with Zip Cloud

ZipCloud provides an automatic, cloud storage and file syncing service to its customers. Combining cloud storage, syncing and sharing our technology is at the cutting edge of the industry. With over fifteen million files under their care, ZipCloud is a cloud storage company that promotes security, simplicity and safety.


• File Versioning
• 24/7 Tech Support
• Multiple Device Sync Capability
• Moneyback Anytime
• 100% Automated Backup Service
• Unlimited Storage
• 14 Day Free Trial
• Heavy Encryption Software

Free Cloud Storage-Access Files Anywhere, Anytime


4. Rank Tracker

What you get with Rank Tracker …
Rank Tracker

If your site depends on Google and Yahoo! placements for traffic and sales, your search engine rankings are tied directly to your bottom line. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on your rankings to make sure you’re near the top at all times.

Just launch Rank Tracker, and in a matter of minutes you’ll learn everything humanly possible about your rankings, including your site’s position in any of the 342 supported search engines, the exact URL found, how many times this keyword is being searched, how powerful a keyword is, and lots more!

Rank Tracker