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shutterstock_174758666Running a small business from home is a dream of a lot of mums. Staying at home, spending time with the kids when they need you and running a business around the family might sound appealing, but, for a business to be successful it takes effort, time and commitment.

Because we’re Money Savvy Mums we also want you to run a business that is financially viable, so we’ve included some totally free business courses for members that you’d pay hundreds of dollars for elsewhere! Finding all the resources you need in one spot is near impossible so we’ve added this business section to make it a whole lot easier for you to conduct your small business easily. You’ll find all the Australian media links you’ll need to promote your business, free templates, hundreds of marketing and promotional ideas as well as how to start a website with gorgeous themes and easy to use layouts.

We have all the information and links to many of the resources you’ll need from starting to ending a small business, and everything in between – it’s all here for you, free once you’re a member!

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